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'Survivor:' Uneventful season finale

Jeff Probst host on Survivor
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Last night was the season finale of “Survivor”, it began with the last four Tony, Spencer, Woo, and Kass. The lying in high gear, the deal making, and the explaining of each other’s motives abounded throughout camp. Then an arriving boat surprised the survivors and as it got closer they realized it was a family member, or friend.

And as the visitors watched, the survivors played for immunity, Kass way behind in the challenge with Tony and Spencer in the lead and Woo close by, then suddenly out of nowhere he comes Kass, who uncovered the puzzle pieces and finished the challenge without a second thought. Spencer knew he was in trouble, however, that did not keep him from pleading his case, making deals and try to have the others see the convenience of not voting him off that night, but it was all for naught, that evening at Tribal Council Spencer was voted out.

Then there were 3 and 2 would be going to the final tribal council, the last immunity challenge was played and the one who had never won and always like a faithful dog tag along Tony, wound up winning immunity at the most crucial point of the competition. Yes, Woo got to decide who would be going with him before the jury to plead their case in hopes of getting majority votes and thus becoming the $1 million dollar winner and title of Survivor. Woo, listened to Kass’ argument and was at the point of taking her to the end, but then came Tony with his fast paced speech, his assurances, and conniving nature, and at the end Woo’s sole vote was needed and he voted Kass out.

Final tribal council, there were not any lengthy speeches, it was obvious to everyone that Tony had outwitted, outlasted and outplayed everyone there including Woo, and Tony to his credit did not make excuses, he agreed that he betrayed, deceived, and lied to just about everyone, because it is part of the game and he was playing to win, and at the end did just that, Tony won the million dollars. A vote was taken and if Woo had taken Kass to the final 2, he, Woo, would have been the winner, but Woo claimed to regard integrity and honesty more important than money, and hr wanted to win against the best otherwise lose; well he lost.

“Survivor” will return this fall and it will be Blood vs. Water part 2 on CBS.

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