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'Survivor:' Spencer stands alone

Jeff Probst host on Survivor
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On Wednesday night’s episode of “Survivor” following the Reward Challenge, there was much scrambling by all tribe members, and the talk was about flushing and Immunity Idol; that meant voting for Tony. Kass was at Tony’s neck for voting Jefra out last week and continuously lying to people and deceiving them.

It seemed that a big move was on the way last night, Woo agreed with everyone, -which he always does-, with that blank look of his that does not reveal anything except surprise on his part, fake of course. That Woo went along with Tony’s plan was no surprise to anyone, he has been at Tony’s beck and call ever since the show began, perhaps he believes that by riding Tony’s coattails, he can win “Survivor” at the end.

But this year has been all about blindsides and America was blindsided last night, when the expectation was for a big move and for Kass to go against Tony’s plan, but no instead the obvious took place and the alliance of 4 remains in place. Spencer who won Individual Immunity finds himself alone and unless he pulls off 2 more consecutive immunity wins, he will definitely be the next to be voted out.

One thing is clear, Tony has manipulated and deceived everyone, if he goes to the final 3 and the jury is partial and not vindictive; then Tony without doubt will win “Survivor”. His strategy has been flawless and the ability to flip those upset with him for not including them in his move and convincing them that his move was actually helpful to their own game, is Machiavellian and fan to watch. But based on previews of next week’s episode, it does appear that Kass has rubbed Trish the wrong way, because this one looks ready to jump up and bite Kass’ head off.

“Survivor” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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