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‘Survivor: South Pacific’ recap: Te Tuna speaks, sends two Savaii to Redemption

Ozzy Lusth, "Survivor: South Pacific"

The Te Tuna tribe spoke twice on Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: South Pacific,” with two tribal councils sending two players to Redemption Island: Ozzy Lusth and Jim Rice.

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Ozzy was the first ousted. When the tribe returned from the tribal council that sent Keith packing there was a lot of confrontation between Cochran and the former Savaii tribe. Cochran’s reasons for what he did, in his head, were justified – he hasn’t been watching “Survivor” for 11 years to sit around and hope for the best – be he deserved every nasty word he was given when they returned from council because he was a snake. Jim wouldn’t even look at Cochran, and Whitney told him he disgusted her; no one could blame them, though, as they saved Cochran from Redemption Island – where he never would’ve survived against Christine – several times.

And while Cochran has had Ozzy on the brain for some time, he had his sights set on Jim – until Jim won immunity. No plea Ozzy – a strong player physically and strategically – made was going to change the minds of most of Te Tuna. Jim, despite being safe, put himself out there at tribal and made a serious plea to oust Cochran and keep Ozzy; perhaps it was that speech that sealed his fate at the next council – or maybe it was his loud mouth and used-car-guy feel. Jim’s speech wasn’t too bad, but I think it was Coach’s speech that made more sense: if we send home Cochran, we’re saying that if you stand up for yourself in “Survivor,” you will get screwed.

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Two days later it was Jim being sent to Redemption Island after losing the immunity challenge and being unable to convince his former tribe mates that it was time to get rid of Edna. Funny thing, it was his former tribe mates, Albert and Sophie, that hatched the plan to get rid of him; granted, Albert was pulling to vote out Dawn because he felt she was getting too chummy with their alliance, but he did go with the group – minus Dawn and Whitney, who will definitely have some explaining to do after council, and Jim.

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