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‘Survivor: South Pacific’ recap: Brandon’s wish comes true: Mikayla eliminated

Mikayla Wingle, "Survivor: South Pacific"
Mikayla Wingle, "Survivor: South Pacific"

Brandon’s wish finally came true on Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: South Pacific”: Mikayla Wingle was eliminated – or at least sent to Redemption Island. What was surprising was that it was Coach that brought up her name first, not Brandon, who has decided Mikayla is no longer too terrible to keep in the game. Coach had his eye on Mikayla early in the episode, but when her lack of following directions caused the tribe to lose the immunity challenge, Coach had had enough.

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The other option to send to Redemption Island this week was Edna, but we all knew Coach would never let that happen, as Edna is easiest for Coach to manipulate. There were a few players – Sophie, Albert and Rick – who tried to convince Coach that Edna was too smart and not physically strong enough to keep, especially over Mikayla. But now that Coach is sticking to Coach, not going off as the Dragon Slayer, people are listening to him and following in his beliefs – as evidenced by Edna sleeping at camp that night. And as much as Brandon is on the Mikayla train now, he blew up at tribal council, complaining six people made a pact at the beginning of the game to stay loyal to one another no matter what, and that loyalty should mean keeping Edna.

Mikayla will battle Christine at next week’s Redemption Island duel. Yup, Christine is still in the game. Christine beat Elyse Umemoto at Wednesday’s Redemption Island duel, which was a game similar to shuffleboard. Based on last season, Christine should have to last only a few more days and beat one more player – possibly Mikayla, although it could be the next player should Mikayla lose the duel – to return to her tribe just in time for this season’s merge.

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I was surprised it wasn’t Savaii at tribal council this week. Ozzy had quite a temper tantrum immediately after last week’s tribal council. He stomped his feet and pouted about being blindsided by the tribe with the elimination of Elyse. He was angrier the tribe hadn’t included him in the decision than they had decided to get rid of Elyse, and when Dawn accused him of hiding things too, he laid it all on the table: I have the idol. Ozzy’s negative attitude continued into the next day, with him spending a lot of time alone, allowing his tribe mates to talk about getting rid of him. Ozzy did eventually apologize to a few because he knows he needs them as much as they need him, but it didn’t appear to fix the damage done.

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