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'Survivor': Season of blindsides

Jeff Probst host on Survivor
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

This season on “Survivor” there have been more blindsides, than probably all previous seasons combined. Tony continues to lie, deceive, backstab, and most of all be annoying. Does any other contestant see through him, or are they really that gullible? But who knows, he might even be creating his own demise by lying to everyone and being so aggressive.

Last night, Spencer, Jeremiah, and Tony were on the same team that wound up winning reward, and while enjoying drinks, spa treatment and a tasty lunch, Tony went ahead and explained to the other 2, why it was necessary to oust LJ. This one has been in alliance all along with Tony, and trusted him blindly, so much that he would not accept Tasha’s invitation to have a private conversation, that in retrospect would have prolonged his stay in the game, had he gone along with what she intended. It is obvious, or perhaps not, that after last night’s vote the alliance of 6 was cracked, and if those remaining are intelligent enough to bond and vote Tony out then they all might have a chance to win and most of all spare viewers the aggravation of hearing Tony’s voice that goes beyond annoying.

Next week’s episode will be interesting, the talk in camp following the vote will definitely reveal to most the deceit that has been in their faces all along and viewers can only hope that the majority of them will start competing and voting accordingly and not believe what one of the most deceitful and conniving players in the history of “Survivor” says. But Kass and Trish should also depart soon, along with Woo, who apparently trusts Tony and thinks the world of him, but soon will be blindsided if Tony remains.

“Survivor” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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