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'Survivor' producer bringing Lucha Libre AAA to El Rey Network in the USA

El Network brings Lucha Libre AAA to the USA
El Network brings Lucha Libre AAA to the USA
El Rey Network

Mark Burnett, one of the top television producer in American TV is bringing one of Mexico’s biggest lucha libre league AAA to cable TV in the United States. In a press release on Sunday, Burnett’s One Three Media with FactoryMade Ventures and AG Studios announced they will work with AAA to launch a new weekly hour-long pro wrestling series on the El Rey Network. Film director Robert Rodriguez who helped create El Rey Network, will be the executive producer of this new show. The big news announced Sunday through a press release and the show expected to debut in the second half of 2014.

"Starting this business with a new television series on a cutting-edge network like El Rey is very exciting," Burnett said in a press release. "And it doesn't end there. Wrestling is a billion-dollar business in the U.S., and with partners like Robert Rodriguez, Lucha Libre AAA and the rest of our great team, our new lucha libre league will make that market even bigger."

"El Rey Network is all about the unexpected which is why this is the perfect partnership. Our association with Lucha Libre AAA, FactoryMade and Mark Burnett's One Three Media speaks to our commitment to create content that resonates for a culturally diverse generation -- one that expects high impact and excitement from their entertainment programming." said Rodriguez of the new wrestling program.

As part of this deal, monthly specials and pay per view event will be produced to play off the yet-to-be named lucha show. Merchandise and licensing deals for the new lucha league are being examined by this group as well.

El Rey Network is an English language cable channel focused on content geared towards Latinos betwen 18 and 49 years old. El Rey launched on December 15, 2013 as a 24-hour national channel that is available on Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirecTV. Besides this upcoming AAA wrestling show, a TV adaption of the vampire movie 'From Dusk 'Till Dawn' is set to debut on March 11th.

Mark Burnett is one of the most successful TV producers in the last 20 years. He crafted the reality competition champion ‘Survivor’ for CBS, and most recently oversaw ‘the Bible’ mini-series for NBC. Burnett is overseeing a new reality program for NBC that will send a contestant into outer space. A new mini-series called 'the Dovekeepers' produced by Burnett has been ordered by CBS for a debut in 2015.

Robert Rodrgiguez is a veteran film director and producer who brought the multi-million dollar ‘Spy Kids’ series to the big screen. Rodriguez also helped create pulp action thrillers like ‘Machete’, ‘Sin City’, and ‘Grindhouse’.

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