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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains: Finale Recap


Survivor's Parvati, Russell, and Sandra at the finale. (CBS)

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains: Finale Recap

And the winner is: Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first ever two-time Survivor winner, defeating Parvati and Russell, who didn’t receive a single vote from the jury and lost for the second time in two consecutive seasons. Russell seemed confused yet again as to why he lost, despite most of the jury explaining that he lost because he create a jury of people who absolutely hate him. Parvati, after playing the game for 114 days over three seasons, placed second.

I’m ready to go….well, maybe not: After a montage of Colby’s horrendous record in challenges this season (especially considering that he holds the record for the most immunity challenge wins), he did manage to outlast all of the final five except Parvati in the first immunity challenge, dropping his stack of plates and handing Parvati her second individual immunity in a row and third of the game. Back at camp, Colby gave a rousing surrender speech, but that was simply a ruse so he could go to Russell and try to convince him that Sandra was the bigger threat (since she won, Colby was actually right). It obviously didn’t work, and Colby was the first of the final five to go home.

And Russell didn’t think she would get a vote: Russell was convinced Sandra was the best person to take to the final three, believing, as Russell said, that she “didn’t play the game at all.” Sandra responded to this strategy, telling us that Russell wanted to keep her “because I won't get a single vote. But I don't know about that.” This statement turned out to be quite precise.

Oh Jerri, you came this close: For the final challenge, the last four were all blindfolded and forced to walk through a maze, collecting necklaces as they went. At the end of the maze, the immunity necklace hung on a pole, awaiting the first out of the maze. Russell barely beat Jerri, who was split seconds ahead of Parvati. The loss cost Jerri a chance at the million when Russell decided to take Parvati instead of Jerri, blindsiding her because he believed Jerri would vote for him and Parvati wouldn’t. Jerri eventually voted for Parvati, ruining yet another of Russell’s strategies.

She tried: Rupert gave Sandra credit for trying to help out the Heroes, who made up the majority of the jury, for trying to switch sides and help get Russell out of the game. “You opened the door, and we kept slamming it in your face,” Rupert said. Her attempts paid off in the end: Sandra received the vote of every single Hero on the jury.

Parvati played with fire, and all that jazz: Parvati tried to point out to the jury that she was a target from the first day, and Russell wasn’t in control of her, but instead, “I kept him as my pet,” she said. Coach, who came into the game seeing Parvati as a weak player, gave Parvati his vote and credit, calling her “a warrior in challenges.” During the reunion, Parvati explained that she lost because: “Russell was so hated by everyone in the jury that everyone just lumped me in with him.” She did manage three votes, however, Jerri’s, Danielle’s, and Coach’s.

The next season of Survivor, filming in Nicaragua this summer, will air this fall on WTVF Channel 5 (CBS).



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