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Survivor Harbor 7 Pre-Race Social Party at the Can Company

Survivor Harbor 7 Pre-Race Party June 11, 2010
Survivor Harbor 7 Pre-Race Party June 11, 2010
Active Survivors Network

A lot of times we hear about this thing called “the human spirit”. It has been attributed to a great many extraordinary feats that have been documented over history. However, it is not just relegated to “greatness”. It’s more extraordinary when it is applied to the everyday. Many of us take a lot of the "everyday" for granted such as the use of appendages, a world without constant pain, and how about just “normal” health. Well there are some among us – some you may know – that deal with and have overcome things that the rest of us will never experience. Things that could easily tear down all we take for granted leaving us a shell of what we once were or could be. And then there’s that “human spirit” thing that defies all those obstacles thrown in our way and stands like a triumphant Rocky Balboa in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. These people I've just referenced are survivors of what life can dish out and are by no means a victim of circumstance.

All throughout human history, we have celebrated accomplishment and the will to survive through competition and so The Active Survivors Network developed the Survivor Harbor 7 for all survivors who “can run, walk or roll”. It’s an opportunity for survivors to go head-to-head in competition encouraging fitness and athleticism. The Survivor Harbor 7 was not just inspired to raise the consciousness of the means of the predicament, but more importantly creates a venue to show how it was overcome and to create an environment that bolsters further achievement and competitiveness.

The event is Sunday, June 13, 2010. But, you have a chance to be a part of the celebration Friday. Smalltimore Events has been selected to upgrade the Survivor Harbor 7 pre-race packet pickup to a pre-race social party at the Can Company on Friday June 11th 2010 from 4pm till 8pm. Be prepared for the Smalltimore Social Garden which will include:
• Packet Pickup
• Wine & Beer
• Live Music by: Dj Stylo & The Radio Dials
• Hor dourves / Light Refreshments
• *Raffle
• **Restaurant Passport

A new concept as part of the Pre-Race Party is the Can Company passport. This is a one-of-a-kind voucher which for only $30 you are rewarded with $20 towards each Can Company restaurant for a total of an $80 value. Â Participating restaurants are Outback Steakhouse, Field House, Austin Grill and Langermanns.
• The Passport entitles you to $20 off with the purchase of food
• It may not be used more than once at each restaurant
• Only one voucher per check
• Tax and Tip are not included

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