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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'We Found Our Zombies' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for John Varvatos

Tonight, March 26, “Survivor: Cagayan” picked up with Solana’s return to camp, and Lindsey and Trish immediately got into an argument after they went behind Lindsey’s back to vote Cliff out at Tribal Council. Lindsey wandered off alone, and Jeff Probst came wandering out of the shadows, saying he heard she wanted to talk to him. Lindsey told him she and Trish had it out back at camp, and she didn’t want to do something she would regret and needed to quit. She didn’t want to go back to camp, so Jeff went back to tell everyone that Lindsey was pulling herself from the game.

Both tribes met Jeff for the Reward Challenge the next day, which was played for a camp raid of the losing tribe. Aparri was surprised to see two members gone from Solana and then sat Alexis and Kass to even the numbers. The tribes had to go one-on-one against each other to knock a small statue off a paddle carried by their opponent. Solana chose to send Woo and Tony over to Aparri for their big raid.

Tony and Woo went down on the beach to read the note from Jeff, which instructed them to pick certain items to take back to their camp. They also received a Hidden Immunity Idol clue, which was clearly for their camp, but they lied and said they were allowed to choose one person from Aparri to show the clue to. The two of them picked Jeremiah, but Jeremiah realized it was the same clue they’d gotten at the Beauty Camp.

Tony and Woo returned to Solana’s camp with their new comfort items and fishing gear from the other camp. Tony revealed what they did to Jeremiah and went on to say that he is actually a police officer. He just felt he had bonded with his new tribe and could trust them. Trish then revealed to everyone she had something to share that she hadn’t told anyone – she was actually a man. (What?)

Alexis tried to smooth things over with Spencer, but he wasn’t fooled. Jeremiah told Alexis and Spencer the clue was the same one from the other camp, but Spencer didn’t buy that either.

The two tribes met Jeff for a pretty complicated Immunity Challenge. They had to build a staircase and make their way through an obstacle course/maze. Once everyone was through the first portion, they had to get through another maze and use a machete to release puzzle pieces. Two people from each tribe had to build a puzzle from top to bottom to find out a combination, open a combination “lock,” and release a flag. Solana finished first and won immunity. As they celebrated the victory, Tony kept shouting out, “Top five! We made the top five!”

The celebration rubbed Aparri the wrong way, and Alexis started preaching to the rest of her tribe to vote Jeremiah out.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked if it was pretty safe to say the three from the Brain Tribe were sticking together, the three from the Beauty Tribe were sticking together, and then there was Sarah. Morgan and Jeremiah admitted to having a rough past, and Kass said she felt like the Brain Tribe was brought closer together, but what happened with the Beauty Tribe drove them apart. Sarah said she figured out she wasn’t included in her previous tribe’s alliance after their “top five” celebration. Tasha admitted the Beauties were in trouble, since they were fractured. Alexis spoke about the weird situation with Jeremiah and the Immunity Idol clue. Jeremiah commented that it put a target on his back. Morgan said Jeremiah or Alexis could flip to the other side once they merged. When it came time to read the votes, it was another blindside, and Alexis was shocked, speechless, and in tears to be voted out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you have any favorites or any contestants you can’t stand so far? Leave a comment below!

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