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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'Straw That Broke the Camel's Back' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

After voting Tasha out at Tribal Council, everyone returned to camp, and Spencer started asking the others why they did what they did tonight, May 14, on “Survivor: Cagayan.” Kass realized it might be better for her to go to the end with Tony, since he had been a jerk. Spencer saw everyone else was staying loyal to Tony and felt irritated.

In the morning, Tony and Woo took the boat out and discussed who they wanted to be in the final three with. Tony thought Kass would be a good third person because she wouldn’t get any votes. Woo told Tony what had happened between him, Kass, and Spencer. Tony kept thinking he couldn’t take Woo with him to the end, even though he was loyal, because taking him to the end would be too much of a risk.

The final five met Jeff for the Reward Challenge. It certainly was a messy one – each person had to dive into a giant pit of mud and collect as much as they could on their bodies before scraping all of it into a bucket. The person with the most mud in their bucket won a pizza delivery for themselves back at camp. At the end, Tony’s bucket was overflowing, so the group decided not to weigh the buckets and agreed Tony had won. Jeff allowed Tony to choose one other person to enjoy pizza, and he chose Trish.

Back at camp, everyone washed off in the water. Tony and Trish enjoyed their reward, and Tony decided he wanted to go to the end with Kass and Trish. Tony confronted Kass about trying to go against him, so Kass asked Woo about it. He denied it, so Kass told Tony. Tony got mad that Kass was doing investigating of her own, and the two got into another spat.

Tony and Trish wandered off, and Kass continued to let Woo know Tony made a final three deal with her. She explained that Tony swore to her on his wife and baby and shook her hand. Trish heard Kass saying they should vote her out, and everyone became determined to win Immunity.

Next up was the Immunity Challenge. Each person had to untwist ropes to release a key and use that to open a chest to remove rungs and assemble a ladder. Once the ladder was assembled, they had to climb it and start building a staircase out of planks on the second level. After the staircase was built, they had to climb that to work on a slide puzzle. Tony blew a huge lead by sliding the pieces around like a maniac, and Spencer came from behind, calmly pieced the puzzle together, and won Immunity.

Things got awkward when everyone returned to camp, and Trish confronted Kass on wanting to vote her out. Kass said she knew she heard her, but Trish kept going on and on. Tony asked Trish to take a walk to calm her down, and Spencer and Kass decided they needed to get Woo. Tony asked Woo if he had any questions about his integrity, and Tony swore he would go to the end with Woo and Trish. Woo still didn’t feel he could trust Tony and wondered if it was time to make a big move.

Woo approached Kass and told her he decided to vote Trish out. Kass was skeptical. Spencer joined the conversation and made the point that Trish and Tony were inseparable. Woo wanted to make a pact for the final three, and Tony overheard everything from the bushes. Tony took Woo aside to make sure they were on the same page.

The group arrived at Tribal Council, and Jeff said to Tony that the time had finally come for his alliance to split up. Kass told Jeff that the second they arrived back at camp, Trish went off on her like a bulging blue-eyed, skeletal banshee. Trish said if Kass was going to plot everyone against each other, she couldn’t sit there and pretend she hadn’t done anything. Spencer said it was pretty crazy that he won Immunity, and Woo said it was evident that there had been a hidden vendetta. He added that it was back to Brains vs. Brawns.

Tony and Kass continued to talk over each other to explain the day’s events. Spencer felt like he was in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Woo felt like he was a foreign exchange student with Tony as the dad, Trish as the mom, Kass as the sister, and Spencer as the brother. Tony brought out his “bag of tricks” and hung the special Immunity Idol around his neck. Tony played his Hidden Immunity Idol, and Jeff read the votes: with three votes, it was Trish who was voted out. The credits revealed that even Tony had voted Trish out.

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