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‘Survivor: Cagayan’ spoilers: Immunity idol changes, no Redemption Island

The Survivor spoilers for Season 28 will have fans scratching their heads as it sounds like the elements of the series have been modified to make a brand new game out of the popular series. As always spoilers reveals some of the show, so if viewers don’t want to know the details of the upcoming reality show, look away before reading further. On Tuesday Enstarz reported that one of the biggest changed is who the immunity idol can be used. Instead of it being used before the voting of the Tribal Council, it now can be used after the voting offering an added advantage.

Survivor: Cagayan has divided up the contestants into three teams that offer a look at their immediate strengths. According to Breathecast on Tuesday, this decision was intentional by the show and it is the first time three teams have been seen on the two instead of two. Brawn, brains and beauty teams arrived on different modes of transportation to immediately cause friction between the teams.

Jeff Probst returns to “Survivor” on Season 28 to narrate the journey the contestants have during challenges, tribal council and even the backstabbing moments seen in the game. Offering a firsthand look at how people survive on an island working together (or not working together, depending on who it is) offers a challenge for the contestants and great TV for viewers.

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