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'Survivor: Cagayan' spoilers: Crazy idol hunt, big laughs ahead in episode 28x07

Jeff Probst teases a big episode of 'Survivor: Cagayan'
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for John Varvatos

Wednesday night brings a big episode of “Survivor: Cagayan” as the spoilers indicate there is a wild hunt for an idol and plenty more drama. On April 8 the show's Facebook page shared a few “Survivor” spoiler teasers and fans won't want to miss them.

The Facebook post teases that the entire tribe will go on a crazy hunt for the idol, claiming that it is the wildest hunt in the history of the game. In addition, one castaway “showcases their ninja-like skills.” Jeff Probst teased via Entertainment Weekly that there will be massive fallout from last week's Tribal Council. It seems the big blindside leaves others less than confident about where they stand within their tribe. Jeff also teased that those who thought that last week's Tribal Council was wild will see even crazier moments in this big idol hunt.

“Survivor” spoiler previews from CBS show that Kass and Morgan will be butting heads, and there are hints that set up Kass to shift gears regarding her allegiance in the not-too-distant future. The latest preview by CBS shows everybody scrambling to try to find the idol, and the immunity challenge challenge will involve determination and balance.

Jeff Probst teased via Twitter that Wednesday's episode will have people laughing, but in an “I can't believe this is happening” way. Who will find the powerful idol? Who will be voted out? Those are “Survivor” spoilers that are under wraps for now, but fans can't wait to tune in and see what kind of craziness ensues. “Survivor: Cagayan” airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

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