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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'Sitting in My Spy Shack' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On “Survivor: Cagayan” tonight, April 23, the tribe returned to camp after the surprising blindside that eliminated LJ from the game. Jefra questioned Tony, and he said he couldn’t tell Jefra, Kass, or Trish about the plan because they liked LJ. Spencer was ready to make a move against Tony.

Tony created a spy shack for himself over by the water well in order to hide and eavesdrop on his fellow tribe members. It didn’t take long for Jefra and Trish to come strolling along, and Trish reassured Jefra their alliance was still intact. Jefra just didn’t feel she could trust Tony anymore.

The tribe was again divided into two teams for the Reward Challenge. Each team had to paddle their boat around in the water to untie paddles from various boxes. Once they collected all the paddles, they went back to shore to put a puzzle together using the paddles. Spencer, Tasha, Jefra, and Jeremiah spelled “Worth Playing For” first and won the reward.

Tony, Kass, Trish, and Woo headed back to camp. Tony was worried about Jefra being with the other group for their reward, but Trish wanted no part in talking strategy. She grabbed Woo to go search for limes and papayas, so he climbed right up in the tree to shake some papayas down. He fell right out of the tree and handed on his backside.

Spencer, Tasha, Jefra, and Jeremiah were taken to a cave, where they shared a barbecue lunch of ribs, potato salad, cookies, and iced tea. Tasha asked how Jefra was feeling – she said she was questioning her alliance and where anyone was in their alliance, since she, Trish, and Kass weren’t told about the plan to vote LJ out. Spencer asked if Jefra wanted to work with them, but they were interrupted when their guide delivered letters from home. Jefra quickly jumped ship and made a final four deal with the others.

Next up was the Immunity Challenge. Everyone had to balance a ball on top of a platform on a stick they were holding, all while balancing on an angled, narrowing beam. Jefra, Trish, and Tony were all out quickly, followed by Kass. They each moved down a step and a rung on their stick during the second round. Jeremiah was out next. Woo was down first in the third round, and Spencer dropped shortly after, meaning Tasha won Immunity once again.

Back at camp, Tony went on the hunt for an Immunity Idol. Jefra told Kass and Trish she didn’t feel she could trust Tony anymore and said he was getting on her nerves. Meanwhile, Tony found the special Hidden Immunity Idol that came with a letter saying he could even use it after the votes were read and could only use it on himself. Trish and Kass felt they had a much better chance of beating Tony and said they should keep him around. Tony swam up, and Trish told him they needed to be able to trust him.

Jefra pulled Jeremiah aside and told him she knew she made a commitment to them, but she wasn’t going to be able to vote with them. Out in the water, Jeremiah told Spencer and Tasha that he is a fashion model. Spencer told them about his Immunity Idol. He thought they should vote Woo out.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Spencer if the game was up for grabs, and he said he knew his alliance was on the outs. Jeremiah mentioned Jefra had joined them during the reward, but she said she was going to stick with her alliance because she couldn’t beat Spencer or Tasha. Spencer called Tony out on his lies, and he and Tasha both felt it was Tony’s game to lose, since he was running things. Jeremiah thought Spencer was a bigger threat in challenges, but Spencer thought Jeremiah was a bigger threat because of his social game.

Tony once again brought up his bag of tricks, and then it was time to vote. Spencer played his Hidden Immunity Idol on himself, and Tony brought his Idol out but pretended it was fake and put it away once Jeff accepted Spencer’s. The alliance of three voted for Woo, but everyone else voted Jeremiah out.

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