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'Survivor: Cagayan': Premiere recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for John Varvatos

Survivor: Cagayan” premiered tonight, Feb. 26. This season, the three tribes were divided into Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, based on the qualities the contestants use most in their lives and to make it on the show. Jeff asked each tribe to designate a leader, and the leaders had to choose one person from their tribe they felt was the weakest. LJ picked Morgan from the Beauty Tribe, Sarah picked Trish from the Brawn Tribe, and David picked Garrett from the Brains Tribe. Jeff sent the three “weakest” on a chopper to arrive at camp early and make a decision for each of their tribes.

Garrett arrived at camp and had to decide whether he wanted an extra bag of rice for the tribe or a Hidden Immunity Idol clue – he easily chose the clue. Trish went the opposite direction and chose the second bag of rice. Morgan went for the Immunity Idol clue. Garrett was successful, but Morgan couldn’t find the Idol before her tribe got to camp.

Morgan lied to the others and told them she picked the fishing gear and rice over comfort. LJ could tell she looked too comfortable, and Brice told Morgan he wanted to pair up with her.

Over at the Brawn Tribe, Trish was honest about her decision, and there were hugs all around. Tony asked Cliff Robinson what he did for a living, and Woo immediately recognized him as a basketball player. Cliff didn’t think the others seemed to care about his profession. Sarah asked Tony if he was a cop, and he lied and told her he was a construction worker.

J’Tia revealed she is a nuclear engineer and had a plan for their shelter when the Brains Tribe met Garrett at camp. She immediately started handing orders out, but the others weren’t impressed by her bossy attitude.

All three tribes met Jeff for the first Immunity Challenge. Each tribe had to maneuver a cart through an obstacle course to collect three treasure chests and keys. Once they had all three, they had to take the cart apart, pass everything over and through one final obstacle, and start working on the puzzle. The Brains Tribe fell far behind, and the Beauty Tribe won immunity and fire-making supplies. The Brawn Tribe also won immunity and flint, leaving the Brains Tribe as the first tribe heading to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, David was still hung up on Garrett being a threat, but Kass was firmly against it and said J’Tia needed to go first. J’Tia asked Kass who she wanted to vote out, and Kass told her she wanted her out because she hadn’t been pulling her weight around camp. J’Tia asked Tasha, and Tasha said she may have rubbed people the wrong way. Garrett walked up and joined them and said they should vote David out. Garrett talked to Spencer, and Spencer thought it was strange they hadn’t received any Immunity Idol clues. Spencer worried David had already found it. He thought they needed to vote J’Tia out instead.

At Tribal Council, J’Tia said she knew Jeff wanted to talk to her because she was being considered to be voted out tonight. She said she had a big plan for the shelter and came out strong. David felt she was someone they should listen to, but it didn’t work. Garrett said he was unhappy to be considered the weakest link, but David said he was safe. J’Tia said she didn’t want to go home, and they should vote David out. Jeff read the votes, and it was David who was blindsided and voted out first.

Garrett wasn’t having fun playing the game – he wanted to play the game to outwit and outplay the others, not by surviving in the wilderness. (Has he ever seen the show?) Spencer and Garrett talked to Kass and agreed on a final three deal. To their faces, Kass agreed to the deal, but she told the camera she wasn’t set on anything yet.

Over at the Brawn Tribe, Cliff and Woo took the boat out to go fishing…and dumped the boat.

At the Beauty Tribe, Jeremiah took a liking to Morgan, and Alexis flirted around camp. Brice sized everyone up.

Trish gathered fire wood and told Lindsey she could pitch in. Lindsey wasn’t happy and impersonated Trish behind her back. Tony built what he called a “spyshack” so that he would be able to eavesdrop on the others talking inside the shelter without them knowing.

Everyone headed to the beach for the next Immunity Challenge. Each tribe had to swim out to a bamboo cage, climb up and over, and jump down into the water to collect three fish traps full of puzzle pieces by untying rope knots to release the cages. The Brains Tribe pulled ahead, and J’Tia got going on the puzzle, while Sarah started on the puzzle after the Brawn tribe got to shore. Sarah finished first, and the Brawn Tribe won immunity and fishing reward. The Beauty Tribe came all the way from behind and finished in second place, also winning immunity and fishing gear.

Tony searched through the fishing gear when they returned to camp and found the Hidden Immunity Idol clue. He knew exactly where it was hidden and found it right away.

Garrett asked the entire Brains Tribe what they wanted to do. Kass said J’Tia didn’t help them at all during the challenge, and Spencer and Garrett agreed. Tasha was frustrated that they wanted to have an open forum. She reminded everyone that this is “Survivor,” but Garrett said he didn’t want to do that anymore. Spencer was frustrated and didn’t like Garrett’s method, and Tasha and Kass talked alone. Tasha told Kass to think about voting Garrett out, since it was the only time they would have the numbers. The guys left J’Tia alone at camp, and she dumped the entire bag of rice in the fire. Kass had thought about turning things around, but she changed her mind after that, since she didn’t want to align with someone like that.

The tribe was angry as soon as they arrived at Tribal Council, and Spencer and Tasha explained what happened at camp. Garrett wanted to show Kass they were working with her, and J’Tia said she was trying to show Garrett how mad she was. Kass said Garrett was so paranoid when Kass and Tasha were at the water that he had to come down and see what they were doing and left J’Tia back at camp. Garrett slipped and said there was an alliance between himself, Kass, and Spencer. Kass said that wasn’t the case, and Spencer put his head in his hands. Even though the group had seemingly figured everything out earlier, it was Garrett who they chose to vote out, with the Immunity Idol still in his pocket.

What did you think of tonight’s premiere? Do you have any favorites or any contestants you can’t stand so far? Do you like the new tribe format? Leave a comment below!

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