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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'Live Reunion' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Jeff walked through the crowd and up on stage to read the final votes during the “Survivor: Cagayan” live reunion tonight, May 21. He told Tony and Woo he couldn’t think of another season when more people came to play and win. Then, Jeff read the votes. Tony reached five votes, while Woo only had one, making Tony the winner of this season.

Jeff congratulated Tony and explained his wife was on bed rest and couldn’t be there because she was about to have their second child. Tony said he had gotten a lot of hate, but he got caught up in the moment and hadn’t slept. He also corrected that he lost over 40 pounds and had parasites when he got home, putting him out of work for three months. Tony explained he voted Trish out on strategy because he thought Woo would help him beat Spencer. Trish said she forgave Tony, and they are friends now.

Kass referred to Tony as her jerky brother and said they were both playing so hard. Tony said Kass made some bad strategic moves.

Jeff congratulated Sarah on her pregnancy. She said her cop instinct told her Tony was also a cop. Jeff asked Tony why he said he was a construction worker – because people love or hate cops. He added that what he did in the game had nothing to do with his life. It was just a game. Sarah said they got along until she did exit interviews, and then Tony had some choice words via Twitter. Now, they weren’t talking. One of Tony’s fellow officers spoke up for him and said they understood he was there to win the game.

Jeff asked who would have voted for Woo if he was up against Kass, and almost everyone raised their hands. Woo said he felt fantastic and shook Tony’s hand. He reiterated that he took Tony because he played a great game and could keep his head up knowing that was who he lost to.

Tasha told Jeff she applied to be on the show three times. He asked about her time on the Brains Tribe. She said it was a nightmare and would take every opportunity and play like she never could play again.

Jeff went to Spencer, who didn’t blame anyone but himself for what happened to him on the show. He would have shared his Idol with his alliance and solidified their numbers. Spencer respected Tony’s game, but it was totally opposite from his. Jeff apologized for being wrong about how far Spencer would make it and gave him a letter he wrote to himself and mailed back home while they were filming.

Tyler Perry was the one who came up with the idea of the “special Idol,” so Jeff checked in with him. Jeff explained Tyler texted him with his ideas, so they tried it out. Tyler did say he was disappointed Tony found it, because he wanted Spencer or Tasha to find it instead.

Cliff felt this experience ranked up there for him in competition, and it was a lot tougher than basketball. David thought his only play was to win when he tried to push Garrett out first. Garrett was surprised at how hard the game hit him and how he fell apart physically and mentally. Morgan admitted her looks help her get her foot in the door, but her mind and wits help her succeed. J’Tia said the moral was not to tell someone they would get voted out. LJ. Got a lot of social media reaction upon being voted out.

Jeff presented Tony with his one million dollar check. He then previewed next season: San Juan Del Sur will be “Blood vs. Water 2.”

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