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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'It's Do or Die' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Tonight, May 21, the “Survivor: Cagayan” finale started out with a recap of this season. It then picked up with the tribe’s return to camp after yet another blindside in voting Trish out. Tony felt bad about voting Trish out, but he explained his reasons to the others and said it was a strategic move. They congratulated each other on making it to the final four. Tony tried to convince the others he could still use his special Immunity Idol.

Kass talked to Tony about all the people Trish hated. Tony tried to defend her and told Kass she was out of the game and it didn’t matter anymore. A boat arrived at the shore, and Kass’s husband climbed off with a basket off food. Spencer’s sister, Tony’s best friend, and Woo’s cousin also came to visit. Tony was a hot mess when his wife wasn’t there and asked his friend questions about the baby. The group visited and sat down to eat.

After they finished eating, everyone headed down to the beach to meet Jeff for the Immunity Challenge. The loved ones watched as the final four contestants stood on tall wooden poles in the water. They had to drop small buckets of water into a chute and fill it up to release a key. The key unlocked puzzle pieces for a puzzle to complete in the second portion of the challenge. Kass struggled in the first portion, but she came all the way from behind and won Immunity.

The group returned to camp and congratulated Kass on her victory. Kass was ready to vote Spencer out and go to the final three with two brawns. Spencer asked Tony to talk and told him he was convinced it would be a final two this year instead of a final three. He explained why it made sense to take him, and Kass and Woo talked back at camp about how it only made sense to get rid of Spencer.

Next, it was time for Tribal Council. The Jury was not happy to hear about the loved ones visiting. Spencer explained all of his reasons on why Tony should vote Woo out and even went so far as to say he would tell the Jury to vote for Tony in the end. Woo said he played inconspicuously because he isn’t outspoken. Kass thought Woo would win if the Jury was bitter, but if they weren’t better, she and Tony had a chance. She also said she felt she could beat Woo over Tony in the final two.

Tony revealed his Idol could have been played after the votes were read, but only with five players remaining in the competition. Spencer put his head in his hands, and Jeff read the votes. It was Spencer who was voted out.

Back at camp, Kass figured she would be taken to the final two no matter what. Woo was confident Kass would take him to the end, and he said he would take her as well. She warned him not to let Tony talk him into anything.

In the morning, Jeff welcomed them to their final Immunity Challenge, which was a crazy, winding wooden maze. They had to race through a maze of turnstiles – some turned and some didn’t – to collect four medallions. Once they had all four, they could open a chest and retrieve cogs to put a puzzle together. Kass came all the way from behind once again, but it was Woo who finished first and won Immunity this time.

When they returned to camp, Woo became very uneasy about having to choose between Kass and Tony. Tony took him for a walk and boosted his confidence by telling him how honest and loyal he had been. He said Woo’s demise would be taking Kass to the end, because she would beat him. Kass took him aside and reminded Woo that Tony had been saying to take her along because she wasn’t likeable. Woo said he was going to take the day to think about it.

That night, the final three headed to Tribal Council. Woo felt amazing for doing so well in the challenge. He thought Tony’s vote the night before had been strategic, but loyal to Woo. Tony said he was loyal to Woo, and he would see if Woo would be loyal back. Kass said she relived the challenge all afternoon, but Woo won fair and square.

Jeff asked Woo about Kass and Tony’s arguments, but he said he wanted to get right to the vote and hoped Tony and Kass would understand his decision. Jeff read Woo’s vote, and it was Kass he decided to vote out.

Woo and Tony celebrated when they returned to camp. Woo felt the Jury would respect him more for taking Tony. In the morning, they received a breakfast feast. Tony found a clue in the basket and followed it to a mirror and a scale at the back of camp, so he told Woo. They each discovered they lost about 20 pounds.

That night, it was time for the final Tribal Council. Jeff brought in the members of the Jury – Sarah, Morgan, L.J., Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish, Spencer, and Kass. In his opening statement, Tony said he was there to give the Jury the truth. He said his choices were based on strategy, not emotions. Woo said he came into the game knowing it was a lot of manipulation and lies. He added he did his absolute best and made a valiant effort to abide by the fives codes of conduct from his Tae Kwon Do teachings.

Sarah told Tony she didn’t know she could write his name down after he broke his promise swearing on his badge not to write her name down. She asked Woo if their roles were reversed, if he would vote for her over Tony, and he would. Jefra wanted Tony to own his game and admit the fact he back-stabbed everyone in the Jury. Tony said he owned everything and didn’t back-stab – he found out she was going to flip on him, so he took action.

Morgan wondered how Tony kept so many men in his back pocket. He said he was genuine at camp, and his strategies were to better himself in the game. Morgan told Woo she respected his decision to take Tony to the end. Jeremiah asked Tony if he had a wife and baby, which he did, and Jeremiah said it was pathetic and pitiful that he swore on them. He went to Woo to prove he wanted to win, and Woo said he did.

Tasha asked Tony to articulate how he managed to keep his alliance even with all of his lies. He said he was honest with everyone on why he did what he did and only broke a promise to Trish. Tasha asked Woo why he aligned with Tony. Woo explained that Tony never trusted him and he had been the odd man out, so he adapted and molded himself. L.J. needed to know who Tony was. Tony said he was petrified of L.J. and found the quickest way to get him out.

Kass wondered why Woo kept Tony. He was trying to be honorable, and he thought bringing someone who deserved to be there would score him points with the Jury. Trish asked Woo whose idea it was to blindside her, and he said it was his because she had a great reputation with the Jury. She told Tony she was a big part of him sitting there because she got everyone to trust him. Trish reminded Tony he swore on his father’s grave to keep her and wondered if it was worth it for him to sit there – it was.

Spencer wondered why Woo didn’t take the goat (Kass) to the finals and instead stayed true to his owner, Tony the dog. Woo wanted to take someone who deserved to be there. Spencer said Tony played his ass off – he found three Idols, he blindsided his alliance, and he was behind almost all the strategic moves in the game. He told everyone to write the name down of the only person sitting there who played the game. With that, everyone voted, and Jeff carried the votes off for the big reveal during tonight’s live reunion.

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