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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'Havoc to Wreak' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight, May 7, “Survivor: Cagayan” started out with the tribe returning to camp after another blindside at Tribal Council, when Jefra was voted out. Kass was upset because she was left out of another decision within her alliance. She confronted Tony and told him he was being very condescending.

In the morning, Tony talked to Spencer and Woo while the ladies slept in. Kass was actually awake and laying there, listening to what the guys were saying. She started to hate Tony even more when she overheard him talking smack. She even confronted him once everyone was up, but the guys swore she had misheard Tony. Spencer knew Tony was being truthful, but he didn’t chime in to explain. Tony tried to tell Kass she misunderstood when she was alone on the beach, and the two of them got into an argument.

As the two continued to banter back and forth, Tony egged Kass on and told her to write his name down. She told him she just might do that, so he said that was fine – he would just use his special Idol. Kass didn’t believe him and sounded sure she would vote him out.

The group met Jeff for the Reward Challenge, which divided them into two teams again: Kass, Woo, and Spencer against Trish, Tasha, and Tony. Each team had to toss sandbags to knock down the other team’s puzzle wall. Once one team’s wall was completely down, they switched and had to re-build their own wall. Spencer fell behind, so Kass helped him along and caught them up, winning the reward.

Spencer, Kass, and Woo delivered school supplies, burgers, and hot dogs to a local school. Woo even did some martial arts and put on a show for the kids. Afterward, the three of them ate lunch, and Kass and Spencer agreed they needed to flush the Idol. Kass’ plan was to split the votes, and Spencer agreed, but Woo didn’t say much and sat quietly as they plotted. He finally spoke up and asked if they wanted Tony out before Tasha. He eventually agreed to consider a final three deal.

As they returned to camp, Woo told them he was in and wouldn’t disclose anything they discussed. Spencer pulled Tasha aside to tell her the plan, and she wondered if they could trust Woo. Meanwhile, Woo told Tony and Trish their plan was to vote Tasha out next. Tony didn’t believe it and figured Woo must have been lying.

Next up was the Immunity Challenge. Everyone had to run around to six different stations, remember the number of items at each station, and run back to lock them in at their combination lock. After over 25 minutes passed, Spencer finally got it right, pulled the bar out, and smashed the tile next to his stand to win Immunity.

Back at camp, Spencer, Tasha, and Woo planned for the girls to vote Trish out and the guys to vote Tony out. When Tasha wasn’t scrambling after losing Immunity, Tony grew suspicious. He told the others he was going to play his Idol during Tribal Council. Kass started to wonder if she should keep Tony around because no one would vote for him to win in the end. She pulled Woo aside and asked what he wanted to do.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Tasha how it felt not to have immunity this week, and she said she pretty much knew she was going home, but she hoped the others would think of Tony and his special Idol. Tony said her not worrying made him worry and bring his bag of tricks. Tasha came back with Tony being the bigger strategic threat. Kass said they needed to flush Tony’s Idol. Woo agreed, and Spencer said Tony once again scooped his alliance members back together after Jefra’s blindside.

Before Jeff read the votes, Tony chose not to play his Immunity Idol. Tony and Trish each received votes, but it was Tasha who was voted out.

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