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'Survivor: Cagayan' Finale Episode instant analysis: And the winner is...

"Survivor: Cagayan."
"Survivor: Cagayan."
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Just moments ago, the 28th season of Survivor ended with a winner being declared. After a two-hour Finale that saw the four remaining castaways whittled down to a Final Two, Jeff Probst just read the final jury votes live on CBS. The Winner? Run away if you don't want to hear the spoiler.


Ladies and gentleman, the Sole Survivor and winner of "Survivor: Cagayan" is...Tony Vlachos!!!

A truly rewarding end to one of the best seasons of our favorite long-running reality show. Tony bluffed his way into the Final Three (using an Idol that was no longer playable to trick the others into not voting for him) and was then able to convince Woo that it was in his best interest to take Tony to the Final Two.

Spencer was out at Final Four after failing to win Immunity. But then Woo chose to take Tony with him to the end instead of everybody's favorite goat, Kass. It would turn out to be a million dollar mistake.

After a brutally bitter Final Tribal Council, Spencer gave one of my all time favorite jury speeches, choosing not to ask questions to either Tony or Woo, but instead pleaded to the jury to reward Tony for his amazing game play.

In the end, only Tasha cast a winning vote for Woo, and Tony became the Sole Survivor of "Survivor: Cagayan" with an impressive and somewhat surprising (considering the bitter jury) 8-1 final vote.

There is much more to come. My full Finale recap will be up later tonight, as will my recap of the Live Reunion Show (still going on as this is being typed).

Then you will not want to miss my exclusive one-on-one interviews with all four players -Tony, Kass, Woo and Spencer - which will be up and posted on Thursday afternoon. By Friday, check out my updated Survivor rankings (most memorable seasons and Best Winners list) to see where Cagayan ranks.

Last but certainly not least, make sure you check out one of my favorite Survivor sites, Survivor Fever.

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