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'Survivor: Cagayan', Episode 8 recap: The free agent

Episode 8.
Episode 8.
Photo courtesy of Michael Yarish/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Phew! OK, you're allowed to exhale after a crazy and unpredictable episode last week. This Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: Cagayan" was more of a chance to catch our breath, containing some excitement but overall following a more calm and predictable pattern. Let's get right to it.

Fall Out. The episode started with the recently merged tribe returning from one hell of a Tribal Council that saw Sarah blindsided. Kass was the one responsible for flipping and her former allies - namely Spencer and Morgan - weren't all too thrilled with the move. Spencer calls his relationship with Kass up to this point as "all for nothing" and Kass explains her move as "playing with my gut." Spencer reiterates that he believes it was a stupid move, but Kass calls her move a "hat trick" in that she not only voted out Sarah, but flushed two Idols out of the game, from the hands of very capable players in LJ and Tony.

Dog Fight. The next morning, hostilities between Kass and Morgan were boiling over. Kass called out Morgan as lazy around camp (a sentiment many of the others agreed with) and asked her to go get water for the tribe. Morgan didn't like how Kass asked her to do so and the two exchanged some words. To the camera, Kass described Morgan as an "old dog" who just lays around and you accept as being a part of things even though they just sit there. Morgan described Kass as a "bitter, ugly old lady" and went on to call her "jealous" of her good looks.

Reward Challenge. An in-episode advertisement for Outback Steakhouse was the theme of the Reward Challenge. The winning team (drawn at random) would win an Outback Steakhouse feast. The challenge consisted of a water obstacle course followed by having to climb a wall, then pull a heavy chest (insert Morgan joke here) up the wall to solve a puzzle. The winning team consisted of LJ, Spencer, Jeremiah, Morgan and Jefra, who all were whisked away to their upcoming feast.

Back at Camp. The losers of the challenge - Tony, Woo, Trish, Tasha and Kass - were back at camp and Tony was not happy about it. But staying optimistic, he reminded us, "It's better to be pissed off than pooped on." Amen, brother. Talk turned to strategy and Kass found herself being asked who the others should vote for. She reminded us that she considered herself a free agent in the game.

Cleaning Up. At the feast - which consisted of Outback steaks, some side dishes and the restaurant's new signature drink, grilled pineapple-ritas - Spencer utilized the napkin that was in front of him, and wouldn't you know, a small piece of paper fell out of it. He quickly shoved it in his pocket without the others noticing. A clue to a hidden idol? A clue to the hinted-at "super Idol"?

Ninja Stealth Mode. The winning members returned to camp and Spencer wandered off by himself to read the clue and search for the Idol, desperate for an advantage in the game now that he was in the minority. Woo notices his absence, and uses his "ninja stealth mode" to track Spencer down and spy on him. He finally finds Spencer and Spencer tries to play it off like he was just out on a walk. But Woo notices that Spencer left his pants by a small creek. He goes to hand Spencer his pants and the Idol clue falls out! Woo grabs it and quickly runs back to camp with it. Spencer can't believe his bad luck.

Search Party. Woo goes back to let his allies know about Spencer's clue, but Spencer returns to get his allies as well. Suddenly, it's a mad scramble to find the hidden clue, with every single player searching to find it. Woo tells Kass to keep an eye on Spencer while he searches and she does. But Spencer has a stealth mode of his own. When Kass looks away just for a second, he actually locates a hidden Idol, grabbing it just out of her view. Spencer reads an attached note and we discover that he has found a "normal" Idol. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer for the reveal of the "super Idol."

Immunity Challenge. In a test of will, concentration and perhaps leg-strength, each contestant had to stand tippy-toe on a beam, balancing a wooden block on their head. The block touched a wooden overhead beam, so in order to keep the block up, it required the person to fully stretch their legs and neck (no hands allowed) in order to stay in the challenge. If the block fell or if they used their hands, they were out. After 90 minutes, it came down to Spencer and Tasha...and Spencer was able to pull off the win. Not a bad episode for Spencer, first finding an Idol and now winning individual Immunity!

Plan A, Plan B. Talk turns to who each tribe should target. Tony tells his allies that they need a Plan A and a Plan B in case they have found an Idol. They decide that although they consider Morgan worthless in many ways, that she is their best target because she is least likely to be given a hidden Idol. Their Plan B is to vote out Tasha. Spencer on the other hand, plans on using his Idol to shake-up the game, but for a move to be made he will have to rely on the unlikeliest of allies: Kass. He approaches her in hopes that she will vote with him to get out Tony. Kass tells us that she was "banking on" Spencer and the others coming around on their previous bitterness towards her, also telling us, "I love the ambush. I love the blindside." Yes she apparently does. And you never know what Chaos Kass is going to do.

Tribal Council. "I was the wind that blew through," Kass says about herself at Tribal Council. Talk turns to Morgan being worthless in the game and being provided for, which Probst points out she is probably accustomed to outside of the game as well (to which Morgan confirmed). They also chat about Kass's unpredictable nature.

The Vote. No Idol was played and judging on Spencer's facial expressions, he wasn't going to be too happy with the upcoming outcome. The votes were read: Tony - Tony - Tony - Tony - Morgan - Morgan - Morgan - Morgan. It seems Plan A was executed successfully, because the next two votes were for Morgan as well. In a 6-4 vote, Morgan became the second member of the jury, with Kass sticking with her new alliance...for now, at least.

Analysis. For thoughts on tonight's episode, please check out this analysis of Episode 8.

Next Time On. It appears Tony is becoming super-paranoid, probably because he just experienced seeing his name written down at Tribal. Still no word that we will see or hear about that super Idol.

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