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'Survivor: Cagayan', Episode 8 analysis: Refreshingly predictable

Morgan becomes the second jury member.
Photo courtesy of Michael Yarish/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Wednesday's episode of "Survivor: Cagayan" was a bit predictable. But the way things have played out this season thus far, it was actually a pretty refreshing change-up.

In case you missed it, here is the full episode recap. And you can watch the episode online at Be sure to follow me on Twitter, @tomsantilli too! And be warned: Spoilers from this week's episode are ahead.

Usually this is the stretch of episodes - right after the merge - where we are given more than a few predictable Tribal Councils. But "Survivor: Cagayan" has been so crazily unpredictable thus far (and that's a great thing), that nobody truly felt confident that the episode was going to go the way it seemed it would. But alas, it did. There was just too much talk foreshadowing Morgan's exit and too little reason for Kass to just randomly flip back to her former allies.

We're not used to a drawn out mystery on Survivor though, and that is what we currently have with the whole "Super Idol" storyline. In case you don't recall, a few episodes back the contestants were told that there was a new, different kind of hidden Idol in play, one with new and unknown powers. Spencer ultimately found an Idol this episode, but it was revealed as a "normal" one. Yes the game has now evolved to a point where finding a plain old hidden Idol seems like somewhat of a let-down.

Spencer had no choice but to come crawling back to Kass, really not having any other options in the game. But it was great to see how hard he fought tonight with his back against the wall. His good fortune in finding a clue in his napkin was unraveled by the sneakiness of Woo, turning into one of the largest cluster-messes of all-time. Spencer and the other Brains seem like the opposite of King Midas this season, where everything they touch turns to crap.

But he somehow was the lucky one in coming up with the hidden Idol. And kudos to him for being sneaky himself, uncovering the Idol with Kass watching over him so closely. Spencer was smart in not trying to play his new Idol so soon, but his Immunity Challenge win afforded him to keep his hidden Idol a secret for a while longer.

Now with nine left in the game, Spencer is the only one with an Idol. He will need to just wait and bide his time, hoping the other alliance fractures at some point. From the preview of next week's episode, he may be in for a bit more luck if Tony's paranoia leads to an in-alliance feud.

Kass's free agent stance could become a good thing for her as others start turning on one another. Flip once though, and you can call it a good game move. Continue to flip just for the sake of flipping and you will be left with absolutely zero chance of winning. That's why Kass was smart to just stick with her new group, instead of jumping back over to blindside Tony. And she will fall further back into the distance the more the other players begin picking each other off. Suddenly, Kass is starting to look to me like someone who not only could make it to the end, but could possibly win. If she does though, her jury votes will have to come from those still in the game, because she is unlikely to gain favor with either Sarah or Morgan.

As for Morgan, some might miss her, but she was the sort of player that had no shot at winning the game in the end, so I'm not too sad to see her go.

What are your thoughts on this week's episode? Post your comments below!

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