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'Survivor: Cagayan', Episode 13 recap: Bad for business

Tony Vlachos looks in on an important conversation.
Tony Vlachos looks in on an important conversation.
Photo courtesy of Screen Grab/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

It's pretty much understood that lies will be told in order to get by on Survivor. But keeping lies secret and in order can be a tremendous challenge. If the untruths become exposed, it often spells trouble for the person spouting them. During Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: Cagayan," Tony's game appeared to blow up in his face when his deceit finally caught up with him, but he was seemingly able to pick up the pieces quite nicely by the episode's end. Having two Idols didn't hurt, not that they'd be utilized in the way you might expect. Yes, it was another great episode in a season that has rarely taken its foot off the proverbial pedal. Here's the full recap:

Aftermath. Following the ousting of Tasha, Spencer returned to camp a bit confused with why Kass and Woo would have led him to believe that they were open to keeping her. "So what was the point of the whole shenanigans?" He asked them. "Just for fun or what?" "Why does anyone lie in this game?" Kass responded. "It's part of the game." Tony summed it up for Spencer: "They were toying with you." Spencer is once again down but far from out as he continues to somehow scratch his way through this game. He does see a silver lining though. "If I have any hope in this game," he tells the camera. "It's the fact that I'm playing with people who understand it so little."

Bad For Business. The next morning is Day 34 and Tony and Woo head out to fish. Tony mentions to Woo that he thinks Kass would make a perfect Final 3 companion since she is not so well-liked (putting it mildly) by the jury. Woo admits to us that sitting next to Tony in the end "would be a lovey thing" since he has also made many other people mad in this game. Seeing Tony as an ally to the end, Woo decides to throw Kass under the bus and tells Tony about how Kass was seriously wanting to team with he and Spencer to blindside Tony (back at the last reward feast). Tony sees Woo's loyalty in sharing this information with him, but also points out that it's because of Woo's good-hearted nature that he will probably need to go. He calls taking Woo to the end "bad for business" despite liking him. Classic Tony.

Reward Challenge. To win a pizza delivery feast, brought right to them at camp, the players competed in the classic Survivor mud challenge. They'd have 10 minutes to gather as much mud as they could and try to fill up a bucket, using only the mud on their bodies. This challenge always goes over great visually, if not really requiring many identifiable skills in order to excel at it. After 10 minutes, there was no need to even weigh the buckets, because Tony's bucket was overflowing with mud. Tony won the reward and selected Trish to share in it with him.

Deep Dish. With Tony's selection of Trish to accompany him, Kass confirms her belief that the two are attached at the hip in this game. "No one in this game should have that much power," she says. Spencer gives us a metaphor, comparing the pizza delivery to how the game is actually going: Tony is winning, taking Trish along with him, and much like the pizza, the others are handing it to him on a silver platter. Tony scarfs down an entire pizza but then tells Trish about his Special Idol. In true Tony fashion though, he lies to her and tells her that he is actually able to use this Special Idol at Final Four, even though the Survivor Rulebook states that he must use it at Final Five, the next Tribal Council. Also having a normal Idol, his hope in telling this lie is so that the others believe he is safe all the way to Final Three, when in fact, he is vulnerable at Final Four no matter how many Idols he has. "The game is in my hands," he tells us and he also reveals that he believes his best bet for Final Three may be Trish and Kass.

Chaos Kass Returns. Now actually wanting to firm up a true Final Three alliance with Kass, Tony goes to her and pitches the idea, but also lets her know that Woo told him on the canoe that she was gunning for him, but that it's OK and in the past. Kass doesn't appreciate his cockiness and her current plan is to try to make Tony as unlikeable as possible. "Chaos Kass is back," she tells us. She then goes right to Woo and asks him about his talk with Tony. Woo denies saying anything, so Kass then confronts Tony. Now exposed for having thrown Woo under the bus, Tony flips out and he and Kass exchange words. "You sealed your fate, congratulations," Tony tells Kass. Kass truthfully tells Woo that Tony even swore on his wife and baby to take Kass to the end...a promise that Woo never heard himself. Tony seems now to be totally done with Kass and he makes fun of her, calling her an animal and attempting to speak to her in llama. "She's an insult to the game," he says. But the damage is done. "My trust in Tony has gone down tremendously," Woo tells us. When Tony goes away to blow off some steam, Kass tells Spencer and Woo that they need to really band together and vote out Trish, since Tony's Idol makes him pretty much untouchable. The bad news? Trish overhears this conversation and is not about to lay down or put up with Kass's "chaos" at camp.

Immunity Challenge. It was a series of puzzles, first a rope untangling, then a ladder puzzle, then a step-building puzzle. Finally, a table slide puzzle needed to be solved to win Immunity. Tony led the entire challenge, but with his back against the wall, Spencer mounted an impressive come-from-behind victory, blowing through the slide puzzle quite miraculously. "You solved that so fast I barely saw it happening," Probst told him. "I needed it," Spencer said. And he was right. Had Spencer lost, he was the easy vote out, but his being immune now makes things mighty interesting. "My worst-case scenario came true today," Tony says to the camera.

Cat Fight. Congratulations for Spencer were short-lived, when almost immediately after returning from the challenge, Trish decided to lay in to Kass. "Do you think I'm stupid? Or deaf?" Trish asks Kass. Trish goes on a rant yelling insults and attempting to put Kass in her place. Kass did seem a bit taken aback but held her ground. They both exchanged insults. Trish then said publicly, "You're a vicious and cruel human being. And everyone sees it the way I do, except for you." After Trish leaves the area, Spencer tells Kass that they really need to work on Woo, because if the other three band together, there's nothing they will be able to do to save Kass.

Caught in the Middle. Woo confronts Tony about having promised Final Three with Kass and Tony does some major repair work (re: scrambling) on his and Woo's relationship in the game. Woo is now genuinely suspicious of Tony's intentions, but Tony goes on to promise Woo on his "dead dad" amongst other living family members. "Maybe it's time to make that big move," Woo tells us. Tony and Trish want Woo to vote with them to get out Kass, while Spencer and Kass want Woo to vote out Trish (since Tony, they figure, is protected by the Idol). Woo is really in the middle, but he goes to Kass and tells her that he's decided he's going to vote out Trish. But of course, Tony is snooping and sees Woo shake hands with the enemies. He promptly pulls Woo aside and the two talk as Tony tries desperately to reel Woo back in.

Tribal Council. Much of the talk revolves around the Trish/Kass confrontation. Woo points out to Jeff that Kass and Spencer are once again working together, mostly out of necessity, but nonetheless. Some unpleasantries are exchanged between Kass and Trish, with Kass referring to Trish as a "psycho bitch" at one point. Tony goes on and on about the situation, leaving Jeff Probst truly speechless. Spencer says he feels like he is in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Tony then pulls out his "bag of tricks" and shows both of his Idols to everyone. So what will Woo do? And will Tony utilize either or both of his Idols, since this is his last chance in the game to do so? It was time to vote.

The Vote. Tony stands as if to play his Idol, but then simply gives the "normal" Idol to Jeff, telling him that it "stays on the island." The votes were then read: Trish - Kass - Trish....and Trish? Wow, it wasn't just Woo. In a 4-1 unanimous vote, Trish was blindsided. Kass clapped when the verdict was read. Trish's torch was snuffed and her final words were, "Good luck," but those words were met with an unexpected (or expected?) reaction when Kass then flipped her the bird, a gesture that drew some head shakes from members of the jury.

Analysis. Confused with what just happened? Be sure to read my full analysis of tonight's episode as we also look ahead to the Final Four - Tony, Spencer, Kass and Woo - and their chances of winning the game.

Next Time On...Be sure to brace yourself for the two-hour "Survivor: Cagayan" Finale and Live Reunion Show next Wednesday night, May 21, on CBS. Of course, check back here for coverage leading up to the Finale, a full recap of the episode and Reunion Show, and my final round of exit interviews with the four remaining contestants next Thursday.

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