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'Survivor: Cagayan', Episode 12 recap: Wooing Woo

'Survivor: Cagayan' Episode 12.
'Survivor: Cagayan' Episode 12.
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This crazy season of "Survivor: Cagayan" has trained us to expect the unexpected. On Wednesday night's episode, our six remaining contestants would be whittled down to five, but who was being sent to the jury and how they'd be sent there would have been anybody's guess. There were a lot of smoke and mirrors during tonight's episode, but even with a somewhat predictable outcome in the end, it was another exciting journey through mostly unpredictable territory. Here's the recap of tonight's ep:

Don Vlachos. The players return from yet another blindside at Tribal Council. "The pattern continues," Spencer says. Kass - to be expected - was pretty pissed off that Tony kept her in the dark for a second time in voting out Jefra, calling him the "Mafia King." Trish on the other hand, seems to understand Tony's move and once again lays low...a smart strategy that has gotten her this far. Tony respects Trish for understanding him and is happy that he doesn't have to explain himself all that much to her. But Kass is stewing. "I don't like to be the one slack-jawed at Tribal Council," she said. "And now that's happened to me twice." Kass doesn't back down from Tony and the two get into an argument where Kass accuses him of being condescending. "Right now you're acting like a jerk," she tells him. To the camera she says about Tony, "Play your game and I'll play my game. I'm done with him."

Cult of Personality. The next morning - Day 31 - Spencer admits to the camera that he actually really likes Tony, but the more he talks to him the more he understands just how dangerous he is in the game. As Tony, Spencer and Woo talk around the morning campfire, Kass sleeps in a bit longer, but overhears Tony talking about her. It's unclear if he actually was, but Kass takes exception to this and says that she overheard Tony calling her a bitch and threatening to get her out of the game. "Apparently, he's getting more stupid every day," Kass tells the girls. Tony denies talking about her and tries to apologize, but Kass doesn't want to hear it. Spencer actually thinks that Tony is telling the truth, but he purposely stays quiet. Hey, any controversy that doesn't involve him being targeted is a good thing as far as he's concerned. Tony tells us that despite their differences, he plans on taking Kass with him to the end. Kass may have other ideas, referring to Tony as a cult leader. "I want to kill the cult leader." Yep, that's pretty clear.

Round Two. After blowing off some steam, Tony decides he wants to confront Kass to again apologize and clear the air. But he is met with resistance once again from a Kass who doesn't want to hear it. You've got to give it to Kass, as she was not backing down from Tony and she was forcing him to lose his cool and his composure, which is never a good thing in the game. Kass threatens to vote for Tony and tells him he better play his Idol. "Don't tell me how to play," Tony responded. "You write my name down, you're going home." Visibly perturbed, Tony then confesses to the others a big secret: That he does in fact have the "Special Idol." In other words, don't mess with him. "You'll be the first to see it," Tony tells Kass.

Reward Challenge. The challenge broke the contestants into two teams of three, where they had to throw sandbags to knock down a wall of blocks. Once down, one member from each team would have to build the wall puzzle back up. The two re-builders were Tasha and Spencer and although Tasha had a huge early lead, Spencer - with the help of Kass - came from behind to win the challenge and the reward for himself, Kass and Woo. The reward? They would be flown to a nearby elementary school to bring aid to the children there, as Survivor Ambassadors. They would also, of course, be treated to a feast.

The Reward. Always delightful and inspiring, the three Survivors were welcomed with open arms by the children. Woo was completely in his element, entertaining the children with a display of his martial arts and basketball skills. Kass took notice, commenting that she liked Woo a lot more after seeing him open up and interact with the kids. Even Spencer, who admittedly doesn't like kids all that much, called it a "positive experience." But like most rewards, things eventually led them to talk a bit of strategy.

Wooing Woo. Kass and Spencer - now combined against a common enemy in Tony - try to sway Woo to flipping on him, pitching it to him as if this is the perfect time to strike against Tony. Woo has been Tony's numero uno ally the entire game to this point, but he seems to consider their offer. Back at the beach a few hours later, it seems that he had time to think things through...and whoa!...he tells Kass that he's in on trying to blindside Tony, or at least try to flush his Idol. Trish mentions to Tony that she wonders if Woo has been flipped and Tony calls him over to find out what was discussed at the reward. Woo lies to Tony, telling him that Spencer talked about voting out Tasha. Since this makes no sense, Tony begins to seriously doubt Woo's loyalties. But to us viewers, Woo's lie tells us that he is actually serious about trying to go against Tony.

Immunity Challenge. Several groups of items were set up and the contestants had to count the total number of items in each group. Each number would then be entered to form a combination. If you counted all of the items correctly, it would unlock the combination and give you the Immunity win. But the items were a good run away, so every time you entered the wrong number, you would have to run back and forth. It doesn't seem all that difficult, but the players have now been out there for over a month and the weather during this challenge didn't look all that inviting. Probst informed Tasha that if she were to win, she would tie the Survivor record for four consecutive Immunity Challenge wins, set all the way back in Season 1 by Kelly Wigglesworth. But Tasha ended up being off by just one on one of her groups, and it was Spencer who won Immunity in the end, making Tasha vulnerable for the first time in a long time.

Ensuing Chaos. Tasha was extremely bummed to have lost the challenge, but with Woo and Kass on board there was still hope. The plan was for Tasha and Kass to vote for Trish, and to have Spencer and Woo vote for Tony. This would create a tie, so if Tony played his Idol, Trish would go home and the Idol would be flushed. If he didn't play his Idol, Tony would go home. Of course, nobody knows that Tony actually has two Idols. Tasha needed to act as if she was going home, but Tony - with his incredible ability to sniff out BS - notices that Tasha is acting different and he assumes that something is up.

A Change of Plans? Amidst scrambling, Tasha tells Kass that Tony is "like our version of Russell Hantz," and this seems to ignite Kass's brain into action. About Tony, Kass says: "Is he our Russell, who maybe makes it to the end and thinks he's God's gift, and everybody's like, you're a total douche bag?" She begins wondering if Tony might actually be better to go to the end with, since he too has made a plethora of enemies in the game. Kass then pulls Woo aside, and considers actually voting out Tasha after all, instead of Tony. Woo is confused, but Kass tells him, "We're in the same boat right now." She hopes that her next move doesn't spring a leak.

Tribal Council. Tasha feels like she is the target now that she doesn't have the comfort of the Immunity Necklace. Tony explains how he picked up on Tasha acting different than normal. Spencer thinks that Tony's "Bag of Tricks" may finally make an appearance and come to use. Kass shockingly admits to Jeff that she expects there to be a blindside.

The Vote. Spencer votes for Tony and although Woo's vote is not revealed, we hear him apologize to the person while casting it. Tony chose not to play either of his Idols and then the votes were read: Tasha - Tony - Trish - Tasha - and then Tasha - Tasha. Yes, sadly, Tasha was voted out in a 4-1-1 vote. Obviously Woo and Kass decided to stick with Tony and Trish. And it looks like Spencer is yet again on the outside looking in.

Analysis. For thoughts on tonight's episode, please check out my full analysis of Episode 12. You can also watch Tasha's arrival at Ponderosa here.

Next Time On..."Chaos Kass" is back. But she may have finally met her match when Trish seems to go off on her. It's the last episode of the season before the two-hour Season Finale on May 21. Mark your calendars!

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