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'Survivor: Cagayan', Episode 11 recap: Going, going, gone

Tony running the numbers.
Tony running the numbers.
Photo courtesy of Screen Grab/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

When we left off last week, Jefra found herself in a position to make a big move, but she ultimately decided to stick with her alliance of five to vote out Jeremiah. On Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: Cagayan," Spencer would say it best: You sometimes have windows of opportunity in this game to make a big move but then those opportunities can close quickly. Did Jefra miss her window? Here's the recap of tonight's episode:

The Big Picture. The episode started with Jefra giving us a little bit of insight as to why she stuck it out with her alliance of five, despite not trusting Tony. "I'm trying to look at the bigger picture," Jefra said and felt she had a better chance in the end against any of her five as opposed to Spencer or Tasha. Kass tells Spencer that she suspected he had the Idol, which he did, playing it on himself and thus wasting it. "I used the Idol and I used it wrong," Spencer said. "We're now an army of two." Of course, he was referring to him and Tasha, who are both clearly on the outside and in trouble now Idol-less.

The Survivor Auction. Tree Mail brought wallets of money, $500 each, and it was time for a classic Survivor Reward Challenge, the Survivor Auction. The Auction could end at any time and all betting had to be done in increments of $20, and no one was able to share their winning items. Trish started it off by winning some popcorn, candy and a soda for $80 (roughly the same price one would spend for those same items at a movie theater these days...) Bidding on a covered item, Jefra was happy she spent $100 when Jeff Probst revealed a plate of quesadillas, guacamole and salsa. Kass bought an item for the minimum $20 and was rewarded with a steak sandwich with iced tea. Trish bought the first crappy item for $80, when Jeff revealed a bowl of rice and a glass of water for her. "Woozy Woo" was ecstatic when $40 bought him some BBQ ribs and an ice cold beer. But after a while of bidding, it was clear that Tony, Tasha and Spencer weren't bidding on anything at all. Why? They were holding out for a bid on something that would give them an advantage in the game. "Well let's get to it then," Probst told them.

Drawing Rocks. Probst revealed that the next item was an advantage in the game. Tony and Spencer both bid the maximum $500. With a tie, there would be a rock draw to determine who would get the item. Very surprisingly, Tasha did not bid, later revealing that she was holding out for something bigger and better to come along. So being tied, Tony and Spencer had to pull rocks - one white and one black - with the black rock possessor being the one that would get the advantage. When they opened their palms, it was Tony who was holding the black rock, proving that quite literally, Spencer just can't buy a break this season.

Paranoid and Annoyed. "I'm the greatest loser at the auction in Survivor history," Spencer tells the camera, but it was Tash who could have given them a 66% chance of getting the advantage had she bid on the item as well. Kass "felt like I've done enough," when explaining why she hadn't bid or cared too much about the game advantage. For Tony, it was a mixed blessing. On one hand he was happy to have the advantage, but he also is starving out there and it was brutal to sit and watch the others eating while he carried the burden of trying to win the advantage. Back at camp, Tony is becoming more and more annoyed at his alliance's complacency in the game. He wanders off and reads his advantage...and it is a clue to yet another hidden Idol! Already in possession of the "Special Idol," Tony goes off to search for yet another hidden Idol for himself.

Stirring the Pot. Out of real options, Tasha just decides that she is going to start hanging out with the other three females, just to make Tony paranoid that there may be an all-girl alliance brewing. The four women chat out in the water and Tony takes notice. Spencer does his part to stir things up as well, telling Tony that Jefra may not have ultimately flipped, but that wanting to blindside Tony in general "wasn't a lie." "Tony is playing hard, but not always well," Spencer tells us. It seems that Spencer and Tasha's efforts pay off, because Tony is becoming increasingly paranoid about the girls and Jefra, specifically.

On Top of the World. Kass is feeling comfortable in her alliance...uh-oh. But elsewhere, Tony is still annoyed. He goes off once again to find the hidden Idol...and holy crap...he finds it! "I feel like I'm on top of the world," Tony declares. "On top of this game." Making a "conscious effort to scare them a bit," Tony decides to show his new-found normal Idol to everyone, just to possibly deter them from voting for him. Tony now has two Idols in his possession at this late point in the game.

Immunity Challenge. For Immunity the contestants would race to dig up five bags containing balls and then use them to navigate a labyrinth-style table maze. Unbelievably, Tasha pulls out the win: Her third straight Individual Immunity win, all of them when she is the target and needed them the most. So it looks like Spencer's number was about to finally be up.

Survivor Miracles. Tasha comes back beaming after her most recent challenge dominance. The alliance of five confirm that they are voting for Spencer. But oh that Tony. Still weary of the all-girl alliance, he is not about to let them vote out one of the guys. He approaches Woo with the idea to blindside Jefra. "Tony is a brilliant player," says Woo. Tony once again does not plan on telling either Kass or Trish, but tells Spencer of his intentions, relying on him to pull in Tasha himself. "Are you ready for Survivor miracle part two?" Spencer tells Tasha. "I feel like I've been given a golden ticket in this game."

Chaos Reigns. But not so fast. Just when we think Tony has shaken up the game once again with a plan to blindside Jefra, Spencer is still feeling the heat and the potential to be sent out of the game. So he goes off to search for the Idol that he doesn't know Tony already found. But Tony takes exception to Spencer looking around for an Idol when he's already hatched a plan that would save him. Tony tells Woo, "There's going to chaos tonight, my friend."

Tribal Council. This time, Tony actually pulls something out of his bag of tricks: His normal Idol, which he puts around his neck for show. Discussion is about Jefra and as always, trust in the game. "Chaos is great," Spencer says at one point. "Chaos can only help me." He goes on to make some good points, really scratching to convince others to keep him in the game. With that, it was time to vote. Was this another classic Survivor red herring episode, where we would see the obvious person (Spencer) go home? Or does this crazy season really have room for one more blindside?

The Vote. Tony did not play either of his Idols and the votes were read: Spencer - Jefra - Spencer - Jefra - Spencer. When the next vote was for Jefra, her face dropped and Trish looked around in puzzlement. The last vote was also for Jefra, confirming that she had been blindsided in a 4-3 vote (Tony, Woo, Tasha and Spencer voted her out). Spencer was saved once again and Tony officially went behind Trish and Kass's backs for a second time. Jeff Probst ended the session with this sentiment: "If there were any doubts that this is an individual game, they should have been put to rest tonight."

Analysis. For thoughts on tonight's episode, please check out my full analysis of Episode 11. You can also watch Jefra's arrival at Ponderosa here.

Next Time On...It appears that everyone is tired of Tony's antics, even Woo. But what can they do now with only six people left in the game and their main target in possession of not one, but two Idols? We shall see next week!

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