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'Survivor: Cagayan', Episode 10 recap: Idol threats

"Survivor: Cagayan" Episode 10.
"Survivor: Cagayan" Episode 10.
Photo courtesy of Michael Yarish/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

If you watch Survivor long enough, you can start to identify the many kinds of episodes you can plan on each week. This time of the season, as things wind down towards the end, there are typically a few episodes where the producers try very hard to throw us off the scent of who is going home, since often times there are some predictable outcomes down the stretch. But man, has this season been one heck of a wild ride. While Wednesday night's episode of "Survivor: Cagayan" may have ended with a predictable outcome of sorts, the journey to tonight's final minutes was once again, classic, unpredictable, and thoroughly exciting.

In case you missed the episode, you can watch it at Here is the full recap of tonight's episode:

Explanations. Returning from the Tribal Council that saw the blindside of LJ, Kass couldn't help but shake her head. "I love the game," she said. Shortly thereafter, Jefra and Trish immediately started trying to get to the bottom of what just happened and who flipped. If you remember, Trish, Jefra and Kass were all left in the dark by Tony and Woo about the LJ blindside. Tony admitted to them at camp that he and Woo had voted LJ out, but that sometimes you have to keep such things secret in the game, like when they didn't tell Woo about the Cliff vote. "Tony completely bamboozled LJ," Trish tells the camera. Surprisingly though, Trish also admits that she still very much so trusts Tony, despite his recent move. She understands why he didn't tell her. Spencer notes, "It seems like every time people promise a top six, it doesn't work out." And even though Tony just helped him stay in the game by gunning for LJ, he adds, "The sooner we take out Tony, the better."

Spy Shack! It's Day 26 and Tony is feeling more paranoid than ever, feeling heat from all sides of the game. He decides to build another "spy shack" near the water well to eavesdrop on unsuspecting others. He does overhear Jefra chatting with Trish and realizes that Jefra no longer trusts him. That means that he no longer trusts Jefra.

Reward Challenge. Two randomly-selected teams of four would have to navigate a boat to retrieve a series of paddles out in the water, then use the paddles to solve a word puzzle. The two teams were in a close battle and in true Survivor fashion, they both tried stealing and peaking on the other tribe's puzzle progress. In the end, the team of Tasha, Jefra, Spencer and Jeremiah spelled out "Worth Playing For" and won a trek through a beautiful cave that led to a BBQ lunch feast. Tony doesn't like that Jefra is off with the three people he'd rather her not be off with. "Bad things are going to happen," he predicts.

Back at Camp. Those not on the Reward - Kass, Tony, Trish and Woo, headed back to camp empty-handed. We check in with Kass and she reveals that her plans are to stick with her current alliance of five as she sees it as being her best chance of winning. She notes that Tony is pretty annoying, but that's a great reason to keep him around. Her target instead is Spencer. Tony tries to talk strategy with everyone, but Trish doesn't seem interested in doing so. Growing even more worried, Tony decides to set off in search of that mysterious "Super Idol," knowing only that it is somewhere "near camp."

Out on a Limb. Trish and Woo go off in search of papaya and limes and locate a massive bunch of papayas in an extremely tall tree. "They look like Morgan's boobs," Trish points out. Woo climbs the tree and begins violently shaking the tree to get them to fall to the ground. Instead, the branch he was holding snapped and Woo found himself falling ass-first to the ground. It looked worse than it was though, with Woo describing it as a slow-motion sequence a la Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger. So much for stealth-like ninja skills, Woo. Other than maybe his pride, his backside took the brunt of the fall. But always the optimist, Woo proclaims, "I'll break my ass for papaya any day!"

Cave In. At the reward lunch, the group of Tasha, Spencer, Jeremiah and Woo take in the magnificent caves that Spencer simply calls "epic." While feasting, Spencer and the others try desperately to pull Jefra to their side, knowing she now has a beef with Tony. She seems open to flipping, but is a bit hesitant. Then suddenly as an added reward, the four are presented with letters from loved ones at home. This acts as a game-changer for Jefra. Her mom wrote her a very moving letter, reminding Jefra "Don't let your kind heart be your downfall." Jefra breaks down and then tells the others that her mom's letter has left a profound impact on her. "This is probably a sign that it's time for me to jump ship." She proceeds to shake hands with her new alliance members, telling Jeremiah, "You shook my hand before." Her point being that last time, it didn't work out so well. Sadly, we are given no time at all to hear about the letters from home to the other three contestants.

Immunity Challenge. Another challenge involving patience, concentration and balance, the players had to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on a small pole in front of them. Fall off the beam or drop the ball and you were eliminated. Any challenge featuring "balls" has the added immature fun-factor when we get to giggle while Jeff Probst announces things like "Place your balls on the platform" or how the wind "starts a lot of balls moving." Hee-hee! The challenge quickly saw people bowing out of it, leaving only Woo, Tasha and Spencer. In the end it was Tasha who won Immunity, her second straight Immunity challenge win.

Super Tony. Knowing that he is in danger of possibly going home, Tony begins a mad hunt searching for the "Special Idol." Unbelievably, Tony finds it! The so-called "Super Idol" has now been found. This Idol is like normal hidden Idols in that it can save Tony from a vote. The big difference? This "special" Idol can be played AFTER the votes have been read! It also can only be used on Tony...he cannot give it or play it on someone else. Wow, game-changer.

Jefra. Coming from the Reward, the idea was for Jefra to flip and vote alongside Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha. Doing so would create a 4-4 tie, which might lead to the dreaded tie-breaking rock pull, but it may be their only choice of turning the tide. But Trish notices that Jefra is a bit upset looking. Trish, Kass and Woo try talking to her and she tells them about her distrust of Tony. Tony then wades out to them in the water and Trish confronts him bluntly about playing both sides. "Don't insult me," Tony tells her when she questions his loyalty. Trish purposely calls Tony out in front of Jefra in an attempt to confirm to Jefra that they are on her side. It seems to work. Kass then tells the others that she believes Spencer has an Idol.

The Big Reveal. Jefra leaves this conversation and immediately tells Jeremiah that she will not be voting with him after all. Uh-oh. That means with Tasha immune, the vote will be for either Jeremiah or Spencer. Feeling that his days are numbered, Jeremiah reveals to Spencer and Tasha his true occupation, that he is a fashion model. Spencer swaps a secret with him and Tasha and reveals to them that he has a hidden Idol. Their plan is to target Woo. Spencer knows that he will have to play his Idol in the right way in order to get through this vote with numbers on his side. "If I use it wrong, I'll be kicking myself for the rest of my life," he says.

Tribal Council. So going in, it now looks like Jefra is once again solid in her alliance. So the question is, will they vote for Spencer or Jeremiah? And which person will Spencer use his Idol on? If Spencer plays his Idol correctly, they will be able to vote Woo out of the game and if they could pull Jefra over, they'd suddenly be in the majority alliance. Talk at Tribal turns to Tony (who else?) and Spencer makes a very interesting comment. "Tony has been steering this game," he tells the others, and for that reason, he tells everyone that if Tony makes it to the end against any of them, that he is voting for Tony to win the game, hands down. Tasha and Jeremiah agree. So there's three jury votes right there! Tony seems taken aback by this and notes that "Timing is everything" as far as when to make big moves. Tony also makes a puzzling reference to his "bag of tricks," which is now something he brings to every single Tribal Council to threaten the others with.

The Vote. Spencer pulls out and uses his Idol...choosing to use it on himself and not on Jeremiah. Tony pulls out an Idol too, a fake one from his "bag of tricks" and makes some comment about Spencer being an inexperienced young lad. At any rate, the votes were then read by Jeff: Woo - Woo - Woo - Jeremiah - Jeremiah - Jeremiah...and Jeremiah. Yes, after the first "Jeremiah" vote, Spencer knew that he had chosen poorly. In a 5-3 vote, it was Jeremiah who was sent out of the game and to the jury, the third consecutive Beauty member to be sent to Ponderosa.

Analysis. For thoughts on tonight's episode, please check out this analysis of Episode 10. You can also watch Jeremiah's arrival at Ponderosa here.

Next Time On...It's the Survivor Auction! Elsewhere, Spencer may be Idol-less, but he's not done playing the game. He is shown trying to make Tony even more paranoid, which is something that he feels could keep him in the game a bit longer after all.

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