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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'Cops-R-Us' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On “Survivor: Cagayan” tonight, March 5, Spencer felt like the odd man out and asked the others when they decided to vote Garrett out when they returned to camp. Kass, Tasha, and J’Tia formed a girls’ alliance and planned to vote Spencer out if they didn’t win immunity.

Over at the Brawn camp, Tony sat up by the fire and told Sarah he was a cop when she joined him. He made up a conversation he’d heard between Cliff and Lindsey and told Sarah about it to get her on his side. The rain moved in, and Trish struggled to keep the fire alive, and everyone was completely miserable as strong winds moved in the next morning. Lindsey complained about putting herself in this situation, and Sarah went off to ask Tony about the “conversation” he’d overheard again. She bought it and trusted Tony completely.

Things weren’t any better at the Beauty Tribe, where they were pruny and covered in sand, flies, and soaking wet clothes. As the girls sat around and complained, the guys worked to re-build the shelter. After they’d caught Morgan in the water along the rocks on the first day, LJ got to thinking she may have been on the hunt for a Hidden Immunity Idol…so he went off and found it in the water right away.

The Brains Tribe received tree mail with instructions on the upcoming Immunity Challenge, and Tasha suggested they practice. She got hit in the face with quite a bit of water, but they perfected their technique. (Or so they thought).

Everyone met Jeff down on the beach for the Immunity Challenge. The first portion of the challenge involved tossing water and buckets back and forth to fill up another container of water to release a ball. Once they got through, they moved onto the maze portion, during which they had to pull ropes to maneuver a ball through a circular, vertical maze. Once again, it was between the Brawn and Beauty Tribes. The Brawn Tribe finished first and won immunity, a tarp for their shelter, and blankets, and the Brain Tribe made a surprising comeback to finish in second place to win immunity and a tarp.

Tony found another clue in their new hammock and stuffed it in his pocket right away. Sarah went to try out the new hammock and fell right on her rear end.

The Beauty Tribe was pretty down upon their return to camp, and LJ asked if anyone was ready to go home. (No one responded). He, Jeremiah, Jefra, and Alexis were pretty set on voting out either Brice or Morgan, and LJ wanted to go for Brice. Brice talked to Jeremiah, who he thought was actually with him and Morgan, and they all wanted to vote Alexis out. Morgan talked to Jefra, who was surprised to hear about the other alliance. Jefra went back to Jeremiah, who assured her he wasn’t part of the alliance with Brice and Morgan. Alexis, Jefra, and Jeremiah planned to split their votes and have the guys vote for Morgan and the girls vote for Brice.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Morgan and Brice how it felt to be on the Beauty Tribe. They both were happy to be included in that group. Jefra thought everything was like a party before the storm came and said everything changed because everyone became paranoid. Brice said there had been clear formations at camp, and he and Morgan were on the outside. He added that Alexis hadn’t talked game or alliances with him at all. When Jeff asked Brice if he was voting Alexis out, he commented that everyone needed to pull their weight around camp. He also asked Brice about Immunity Idols, and he said there was talk of the town about idols and the possibility that Morgan had one. Jeremiah thought he knew where things were going, but he thought it would hurt and suck. Jeff read the votes, and there was a three-way tie, with Alexis, Brice, and Morgan receiving two votes each. Jefra, Jeremiah, and LJ had to vote a second time, and this time, they decided to vote Brice out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you have any favorites or any contestants you can’t stand so far? Which tribe are you rooting for? Leave a comment below!

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