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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'Chaos is My Friend' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Theo Wargo

Tonight, April 30, “Survivor: Cagayan” picked up after the tribe voted Jeremiah out at Tribal Council. They discussed Spencer’s Immunity Idol, and Kass admitted she knew he had one by the way he had been acting. Spencer admitted he wasted it by using it on himself, and now it was gone. In the morning, they received tree mail with wallets of money for the auction reward.

Everyone met Jeff for the auction. Trish bought popcorn, candy, and a soda. Jefra bought an uncovered item that turned out to be a quesadilla with salsa, guacamole, and a margarita. Kass got a steak sandwich with iced tea. Trish wound up buying a covered item that ended up being rice and a glass of water. Wu bought ribs and a beer. Tony and Spencer put all their money on an advantage – they each chose a rock, and it was Tony who picked the black rock to win the advantage.

Back at camp, Tony was trying to get some work done as those who ate meals lounged around feeling full. Jefra offered to get water, and Tony went to check out his advantage – it was another clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. The women relocated to the water, and Tasha hoped Tony would start thinking they formed an all-girls alliance. Tony and Spencer talked, and Spencer mentioned that Tasha is a social player, and Jefra had promised to flip and join his alliance before the last Tribal Council.

Tony continued to feel frustrated that the girls were out in the water and weren’t helping to cook or do anything around camp. He went in search of the Idol again; and this time, he found it. He decided to show his teammates and let them know he would share it with them.

The tribe met Jeff for the Immunity Challenge, during which they each had to dig up a long rope from the sand, which had five bags connected to it. Once they retrieved all five, they had to empty colored balls out of the bags and use them to work their way through a horizontal maze to land the balls in slots at the end. It came down to Wu and Tasha, but Tasha pulled through with the victory and won Immunity once more.

Everyone congratulated Tasha on her win, and Kass and Wu decided they would vote Spencer out this time and Tasha next time. Tony and Wu didn’t feel right about getting rid of Spencer and leaving four girls together against the two of them. They plotted to join with Spencer and Tasha to vote Jefra out without telling Kass or Trish. Spencer told Tasha the plan, and she immediately agreed. When Spencer disappeared to look for the Idol, Tony questioned his plan.

At Tribal Council, Tony said Spencer came to him to tell him Jefra had planned to flip on him and pulled the Idol out of his bag. Jefra said she would be lying if she didn’t say she was upset about being left out of the LJ blindside. Spencer felt he played well and hard and could go home happy with that if he was voted out. He said if they picked him or Tasha off, that would be a waste, and people often lose the game because they don’t make moves when they should.

With that, Jeff read the votes. Spencer received three votes, as expected, and Jefra was voted out with four votes against her. Trish and Kass were shocked, and Jefra said, “Good job, guys,” as she walked over to get her torch snuffed.

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