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'Survivor: Cagayan': 'Bag of Tricks' recap

Jeff Probst, Host of 'Survivor'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight, April 16, “Survivor: Cagayan” picked up after Morgan was voted out at Tribal Council. Tony worried about why he received votes and why he was a threat. He told the others that they voted Morgan out because she didn’t deserve to be at camp for one more day. LJ and Trish worried about Tony’s paranoia, and Tony told LJ he thought Woo found the Immunity Idol. Tony tricked LJ into suggesting they blindside Woo.

The tribe was divided into three groups for the Reward Challenge. One person from each group had to land a sandbag through a hoop to release more sandbags. Then, they had to throw sandbags through a net tunnel, load them into a basket, and bounce them off a trampoline into small net baskets. Tony, Jeremiah, and Spencer finished first and won the spa day reward that featured a shower, massage, and a meal.

Back at camp, Jefra, Trish, and LJ all agreed they needed to stick with their alliance of six and follow the plan. Meanwhile, Tony, Jeremiah, and Spencer enjoyed their reward, and Spencer saw it as an opportunity to talk game and see what Tony had to say. Tony commented that when the time was right, he would talk to them.

Tasha wanted LJ to meet her so they could talk, but LJ worried Tony would freak out if he saw him walk off with Tasha. She wandered off into the woods, but he never went to meet her. Tasha was disappointed and realized Tony was in charge.

The Immunity Challenge was a memory game during which each person had to memorize a series of colors and repeat them back to Jeff by placing a matching colored tile in between two wooden posts. Trish was out first, quickly followed by Woo. Kass, Spencer, Jefra, and Jeremiah were all out next, with Tony following them. At the end of the second round, Tasha ended up beating LJ out to win Immunity.

Tony unleashed a plan to get LJ voted out and to make him look like the troublemaker. He went to Woo and told him LJ wanted to blindside him. Tony told Spencer that LJ wanted Woo out, and Spencer was on board. Spencer went to Jeremiah, and they agreed to let the alliance of six kill each other. Trish and Tony talked, but Trish didn’t buy Tony’s plan, since LJ already had told her Tony wanted to vote Woo out. Trish said she thought they should keep their promise to the final six.

The group met Jeff for Tribal Council. He immediately asked Jeremiah where he and Spencer stood. Jeremiah said it didn’t look good. Kass didn’t have empathy for her old alliance because it was a game; you can’t play without getting a little dirty. Tony agreed and said he brought his bag of tricks, holding up his bag. LJ admitted he was vaguely approached by the other alliance, but it was important to him to stay loyal. Tony lied to the tribe, saying he worked in construction. Woo said they would come to a time where they had to make moves.

Jeff read the votes – three votes were for Jeremiah, one vote was for Spencer, and the remaining votes were for LJ. He was so shocked to be voted out that it took him a moment before he stood up and walked over to have Jeff snuff his torch.

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