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'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' star Tina Wesson's only son died in a car accident

Tina Wesson and Katie Collins are a mother and daughter duo currently competing on "Survivor: Blood vs. Water." Tina Wesson's 25-year-old son, Taylor Collins, was sadly killed in a car accident on Dec. 3, 2013. Taylor's sister, Katie Collins, thanked fans on Twitter for their kind thoughts and prayers.

"Survivor: Blood vs. Water" star Tina Wesson's son Taylor Collins died in a car accident.

Taylor Lee Collins was the passenger in a vehicle that hit a house in Chattanooga, Tenn. Collins was ejected from the front passenger seat and later died at a local hospital. The driver of the car, who was not named, only had minor injuries. The Chattanooga Police Department said the accident involved a single vehicle and the investigation is ongoing.

Tina Wesson won "Survivor: The Australian Outback” in 2001 when she was 40 years old. Her children, Katie and Taylor Collins, were young teenagers then. Tina Wesson came back in 2004 to do "Survivor All Stars" but she was the first person voted off. In 2013, Tina returned again with her daughter Katie Collins to try to win "Survivor: Blood vs. Water."

On "Survivor: Blood vs. Water," Katie Collins is still playing for a million dollars. Tina Wesson is on Redemption Island trying to get back into the game.

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