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'Survivor: Blood vs Water': Finale recap

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Tonight’s Survivor: Blood vs.Water finale began with a recap of this season before showing Kasama back at camp, after Hayden was voted out. Monica told Ciera she heard her at Tribal Council, and the group speculated on the final duel. Tyson let Monica open the Idol and look at it, but she wanted to make sure she stayed on both sides to have a better chance at winning.

Hayden joined Laura and Tina at Redemption Island, and he filled them in on Ciera’s Immunity victory and the craziness at Tribal Council. In the morning, the three of them prepared and headed off to their final duel.

They met Jeff and the remaining players at Redemption Island Arena one last time. Hayden, Laura, and Tina each had to balance their foot at the end of one beam and hold a ceramic vase steady on the other end. Laura struggled quite a bit, but it was Hayden who lost his vase first. Laura asked Tina to let her have it, but Tina told her, “No way, honey.” Laura ended up losing it, and Tina won, getting herself back into the game. Hayden and Laura said their good-byes, and Tina kept the Immunity Idol clue for herself, tucking it inside her shirt.

The final five returned to camp, and Tina knew she needed to talk Monica into a three girls/moms alliance. She and Ciera went in search of the Idol. Ciera told her that Tyson may have already found the Idol as Tina climbed around a tree in search of it, and the two eventually headed back to camp. Tina asked Monica if she planned to stick with the guys, and she said she needed more information. Tina said the Jury was very angry, but Ciera jumped in and continued to try to sway Monica by stroking her ego.

Kasama met Jeff for the Immunity Challenge. Each person had to hold onto a rope while balancing blocks on top of trays suspended by a pole. While balancing the blocks, they had to maneuver back to pick up more blocks to add to the tray, all while holding the rope. If any blocks tipped over, they had to go back and fix them. Tyson ended up winning Immunity.

Back at camp, Gervase told Tyson and Monica he felt he could beat Tina over Ciera. Monica thought Tina should go, since Tina wasn’t the reason anyone in the Jury was out of the game. Gervase and Monica continued their debate out in the woods, and Gervase got heated, but Monica didn’t want to be bullied. Monica went back to Tina and Ciera and suggested they vote Gervase out. Monica decided she was going to make the choice best for her, and she was going to own Tribal Council.

Jeff brought the Jury in to Tribal Council and asked Monica where she sat. Monica said she found herself in the middle again and explained she had both sides working on her. She added the girls came to her honestly and suggested they take out the villains. Gervase didn’t see himself as a villain, and Ciera explained the “Monica is a puppy dog and easy vote” concept she had taken to Monica. Tyson said he never used the term “lap dog” to describe Monica. Fighting back tears, Monica said the last day, things had caught up to her and had been hard, and she was going to make her strategic move tonight for herself, not anyone else. Jeff announced it was the last night to play an Immunity Idol, so Tyson handed it to Gervase, and Gervase played it. The first two votes were for Gervase and didn’t count, but the next two were for Ciera, eliminating her from the game.

Tina was completely shocked that Ciera was voted out and told the others how surprised she was back at camp. Monica wanted to re-group and win the final Immunity to be in control of her own destiny. In the morning, Tina and Monica discussed the amazing sunrise, and Tyson and Gervase discussed their final challenge.

The final four met Jeff for their last Immunity Challenge. They each had to work their way through an obstacle course to retrieve two bags of puzzle pieces. They had to set their bags of puzzle pieces all the way at the top, slide down a water slide, and retrieve their remaining bags of puzzle pieces two at a time. Once they had all six bags, they had to solve a puzzle and follow the instructions to release their flag and win the challenge. In the end, it was Tyson who won Immunity once more and made it into the final three.

Back at camp, Monica and Gervase joked about how she blocked him going up the staircase during the challenge. Tyson and Gervase wondered if Monica could get any votes and beat them, and Tina told Monica her only move would be to vote Gervase with her.

At Tribal Council, Tina said she had to go to plan B after not winning the challenge, which was to work Monica. Jeff asked about Monica blocking Gervase during the challenge, and he noted that in that moment, their alliance was done. The girls admitted Tina’s plan was to vote Gervase out, since they couldn’t vote Tyson, and Gervase said big moves were scary and could happen at any time. In the end, Monica stuck with her alliance, and they chose to vote Tina out.

The next morning, Tyson, Monica, and Gervase got their final three breakfast feast. They spent their last day at camp preparing and finally headed to the final Tribal Council that night.

Jeff welcomed everyone and gave the final three the chance to make their opening statements. Gervase said he thought he played the game great after 13 years off from it. He added that he played the game the way it should be played. Monica said she knew everyone thought she was drug on by a leash to get to the end, and she said she never chose the other path, because she wanted to sit at the end with Tyson and Gervase because she had less blood on her hands. Tyson said he came into the game knowing he was going to be the number one target, so he wanted to have maximum amounts of fun and broke down in tears when brought up seeing Rachel at Redemption Island. He explained that was what made him know he had to fight to get to day 39 and made huge moves, dug around for Idols, and won challenges when he had to.

Next, the Jury got to address the final three.

  • Vytas commented on Tyson getting him and Aras out before they got him out, and he said he was going to stick to his promise in not giving Tyson his vote after he voted him out. He told Gervase he didn’t need him to say anything, and he told Monica she was the only one who turned on him that he had a genuine friendship with.
  • Katie asked Tyson about not doing anything out of malice and explained that he told her to look at her Jury seat after she drew the white rock. He apologized and hoped she would look past it.
  • Caleb asked Gervase his game-changing move, and he said voting Aras out. He also asked Monica to be vulnerable and tell him something from the heart – she said her whole life had been about Brad and his time in the NFL, and she wanted it to be about her.
  • Ciera asked Tyson if he saw himself as the hero or the villain. He didn’t see himself as the villain and repeated the fact that his moves were all strategic. She asked Gervase if he ever planned to vote Tyson out, and Gervase said he was waiting for the right time and hoped for a final four spot, but he eventually decided to stick with him.
  • Laura told Monica she didn’t know who she was, and Monica said she was completely out of place in the game. Monica added she had been called a puppy dog, she had been told she talked too much, and she had eaten grubs and pig intestines despite being half the size of the other guys.
  • Tina wanted one word to describe the core of who they were: Monica said generous, Gervase said honorable, and Tyson said fun-loving.
  • Hayden asked Tyson if he had the Idol when they drew rocks, so Tyson told him where he found it. Then, Hayden turned to Monica and said the perception was that she had been fake, and Monica wondered if any of them had ever just met a nice lady. (She felt she was being picked on). Hayden explained they felt they hadn’t gotten to know her, so she suggested they go for dinner or coffee once they were back home.
  • Aras told the final three to soak it in, since this was the best moment of the experience. He asked Gervase to tell him who should win if they couldn’t vote for him, and Gervase said Tyson, because he had great gameplay, and you couldn’t knock anything about his game. Monica said he should vote for Tyson for finding Immunity Idols and was a charging horse for 39 days. Tyson said they should vote for Monica, because she distanced herself and always made it seem like she was on the bottom and made big moves.

The Jury placed their votes, and as always, Jeff grabbed them, thanked everyone for an amazing season, and told them he would read the votes when they got back to the United States, during the live reunion.

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