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Surviving Father's Day without a father

The Darling Girls
The Darling Girls
photo/Trina R. Darling

Many families don't have fathers for different reasons; death, divorce, adoption, etc. Father's Day doesn't have to be a day that you avoid or suffer through. Our family, without a father or a grandfather, started out quite sad about Father's Day. When the kids in their classes made Father's Day gifts, the teachers were awkward about it, causing even more hard feelings for three little girls who WISHED they had a father or grandfather close at hand.

Rather than have the issue grow and fester, we decided to take positive action, and each year, we have done something to celebrate the fathers, grandfathers and uncles in our lives. One year we made a t-shirt for one of my brothers that lives close to us, and the girls picked out an iron-on that said "best uncle in the whole world". Another year, we tie-dyed t-shirts and gave them to eight men from the Baptist Church of Northville that were good role models/friendly with the girls.

We don't want to focus on what we don't have, but instead, reflect on what we do have, and what we can be thankful for. Happy Father's Day!