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Surviving Cancer

June 1 was National Cancer Survivors Day. This is a day for those who have, fought and are here to tell about it, to celebrate. Please note we are not saying in remission or have been cancer clear for 5 years, those who have cancer or have had it understand the difference. Each day is a survivor’s story, this is a battle which will be with us the rest of our lives, where that is a year or 100 years.

We open our eyes each morning, noon or night and are thankful we are still alive and able to think. Cancer is not a battle for the weak or the procrastinators. Rather it is a disease for those with the stamina of Gladiators and the heart of Olympians. And as we offer words of kindness and encouragement we must reminder the spouses and family. These are the people who share the ups and downs, the elation and the depression with our Olympians.

If we come across someone in our day that has ever been brushed or steam rolled by the Big C.; we should be sure to say “Hi’. Greeting this folks with a smile and that simple word often is sometimes the best medicine in the world. If we see them in the grocery picking up a few things for them, the offer of a helping hand is a beautiful gesture; or when we see them drive into our small group of homes this gesture is often well appreciated. However, if the offer is turned down, do not responded by losing the smile; remember – ‘they are fighting the fight or their lives’. Those with cancer see each goal won as a gold medal.

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