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Surviving and Thriving in 2014

Mainstream News Media
Mainstream News Media
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Now that we’ve been thrust into the unbelievable year of 2014, many people are wondering what insanity we’re in store for this year, as if 2013 wasn’t enough. After all, we’re still reeling from the ongoing Obama-care debacle, the more recent record cold temperatures effecting millions of Americans, with many still arguing for global warming, as well as the usual craziness that’s been reported by the mainstream, or rather ‘lamestream’, media. It’s mass hypnosis of the public continues daily, with many taking refuge safely under it’s large, but transparent, talons. So where can we even start to make sense of all these things, and maintain our gravity, along with our sanity, in this new year as we charter into new territory?

The historic deep freeze that’s hit the east coast of the United States over the past week has been tough for many. The plummeting temperatures have been the worst felt in decades and yet the proponents for global warming continue to cling to the belief that the false science behind the popular climate voodoo is accurate. Just as any false belief system, global warming involves such a mass public hypnosis that many will continue to be convinced of it, even as they shiver from a frightful cold. Related to the global warming doomsday theories are the huge sums of money made by forcing entire economies to pay carbon taxes. This is the total denial of reality. Not far behind this belief system are the tactics used by many to push the usual winter flu shots, regardless of the fact that most people who get flu shots still get the flu. The drug industry’s own scientific studies plainly showed that the shots don’t work on nearly 99 out of 100 people.

Fast food giant McDonald's suffered a major public revealing recently after a resource website it had created for its employees humorously advised them not to eat its food. The U.K.'s Daily Mail reports that the so-called McResource Line, which has since been taken offline, had contained imagery instructing McDonald's employees to avoid eating burgers and fries for the sake of their own health, and instead opt for healthier choices like cold-cut sandwiches and salads. Perhaps they know something that the rest of the Western world doesn’t about their own food. So the question remains, why should people continue to consume McDonald’s food if they would advise their own workers against it, even humorously? There’s no telling what we’ll learn in 2014 relating to this.

We should take everything reported by the mainstream media outlets with a grain of salt. After all, the mainstream media that the majority of Americans turn to daily for their news is the same media that claims the national debt doesn't matter, Obamacare is great, you don't need the Bill of Rights, war is fun, GMOs are completely safe to eat and vaccines will increase your IQ. This is the same media that says that all white people are racist and is still reporting global warming doom-and-gloom theories that fly in the face of reality. On some level, it's quite ironic that many of the global warming faith believers are the very same people who make fun of conservative Christians and their belief in "the rapture" which essentially says much the same thing. Somehow, Christians are ignorant for believing that we’ll all be destroyed in a massive clean sweep of human civilization caused by God, but they say that we’re smart for believing we will all be destroyed in a massive clean sweep of human civilization caused by carbon emissions.

What kind of insanity will they try to sell us this year? Having just entered 2014, let’s step aside from all the craziness around us. It’s clear that the only way we’ll survive this year unaffected is to filter out the voices that attempt to brainwash, influence and control us. Challenge yourself to break free from the mainstream media, and seek out alternative health and news sites that report the truth of what’s going on in the world around us. Let’s turn off the television and read more books. For Christ-followers, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to turn off our cell phones and computers for a period of time every day, even if it’s just fifteen minutes, and spend that time talking to God, reading scripture, and listening to His voice. Let’s allow God to realign our hearts and reset our minds onto Him once again, or maybe even for the first time. These are choices that only you can make individually. It’s up to you. Whatever you decide, make this year different. Live life to the fullest in 2014!