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Survive Halloween candy without destroying your waistline

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While Halloween candy is mainly geared towards the children, it's inevitable that you may be tempted by your child's candy collection, the supply at the office, the bowl placed as a center-piece at a friends house or even the leftovers from your candy generosity.

The average calorie count for Halloween size portions is 50 to 150 calories per treat. Fun size calorie content is as follows: Candy Corn, 150; M&M's, 108; Twix, 80; Snickers, 90; Reese's, 90; Milky Way, 75; 3 Musketeers, 65; Starburst, 60; Sweetarts, 50; Dum-Dums, 51.

Individually, the damage isn't too bad. The problem is, most people don't stop with one; adults and children alike. It only takes a few hundred extra calories a day to gain a pound of fat a week. Will the occasional snack size Snickers candy make you fat? No. But returning to the treat can pack on pounds. If you snack on just three fun size Snickers a day, for 30 days (the average time Halloween candy remains in the home), you can gain almost 2 1/2 pounds of fat in a few short weeks. From the sneaky Snickers alone.

You can enjoy the holiday by doing just that. Enjoy the holiday. Halloween candy leftovers do not need to extend past Halloween. Throw your leftover candy away. Nibbling on excess candy means excess calories for you and your children. Enjoy a few pieces the day of and after and trash the rest. Refuse to toss all the leftovers? Save just enough to have one piece per day per family member, for one week. Toss the rest. Remember, if it's not in your house, you won't eat it.

Just because someone handed you (or your children) free treats does not need you need to consume them. Focus on the experience rather then the end result. Your children enjoyed their costumes and gifts, you enjoyed their excitement and everyone enjoyed a treat. By keeping excessive left-over candy in the house, you will mindlessly consume excess calories and get a bad start to your holiday season. Toss it.