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Survive Bio offers free biology games, flashcards, videos, tests and more

The website offers a number of different kinds of resources
The website offers a number of different kinds of resources

Here's a great resource for high school level biology, and it's absolutely free.

Survive Bio offers students the ability to learn and reinforce biology lessons with flash cards, videos, games, question and answer sections, tests and more. Not only that, but its unique format allows students to earn points and badges along the way.

The website was designed by an eighteen year-old student who provides it as a free service (although donations are welcome).

Survive Bio describes itself as "a new website that provides some of the best biology studying resources, and at the same time makes studying fun and easy."

The about page promises:

How does it help you study?

Survive Bio offers more than just one method of biology review; good for high school classes, AP classes, IB classes,and even intro college courses. In fact, there are 6 different methods of studying provided here.

  • Video Review - Watch over 50 extremely helpful videos (about 10 minutes each) in many different topics taught by the famed Paul Anderson.
  • Flashcards - Practice memorizing key biology terms from different parts of the curriculum and even play a few flashcard games.
  • Chapter Outlines - Use these chapter outlines from Campbell's and Reece's Biology textbook to help you review what you read.
  • Biology Games - Play fun biology games to help relax. Some of these help review more than others.
  • Practice Tests - Take practice quizzes and tests to help you get familiar with questions and do better on in-class tests.
  • SB Answers - Ask any questions you'd like and get answers from the Survive Bio community. Or, look at previous answers and learn from them.

It goes on to say:

Why is it fun?

Survive Bio offers a unique system in which you get rewarded for studying! If you register, you can get

  • Various amounts of points for using each of the study methods!
  • Acquire higher ranks once you reach, 1,000 points, 5,000 points, and 10,000 points!
  • Get medals for consistently using individual methods and other actions!

I tried out the site and quickly earned 220 points for signing up, logging in, playing one biology game, viewing one chapter outline, watching one video and reading through one set of flashcards. I then earned another 50 points by taking a quiz. After taking the quiz I got to see which questions I'd missed, read explanations about the correct answers, and had the opportunity to retake it.

My current points after one day are 270, earning me the unfortunate label of "feeble minded" at the moment. A look at the rankings page shows that members have this rank until they reach 1,000 points, at which point they earn the rank of "average intelligence."

The current high scorers have scores in the 2,000 and 3,000 point range. A score of 3,000 points is necessary for the "superior intelligence" ranking and 5,000 points are needed for the "genius" rank. No members have yet mastered this rank.

Members can also make contacts, invite friends, and earn more points by asking and answering questions, submitting quizzes and more.

Survive Bio seems like a good supplement to high school biology studies. It could be well combined with resources such as free high school biology flexbooks from CK12 (learn more about CK12 here), and the Crash Course biology series (learn more about these excellent, entertaining videos here) for a rigorous high school biology education.

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