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Survival tips: How to survive a plane crash

Boeing and Airbus Unveil New Orders At Dubai Airshow
Boeing and Airbus Unveil New Orders At Dubai Airshow
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Many people do not think about how to survive a plane crash until a tragedy is in the forefront of media, but the fact is many people do survive air crashes and with the knowledge of plane survival tips; chances of survival can increase dramatically.

Here are 5 safety tips on how to survive a plane crash; remember plane crashes are extremely rare, but knowledge can be your key to living if a plane crash were to occur.

Survey the area around you and have a plan

Know where you are sitting in the airplane and look to see where all the exits are located. Count how many seats you are away from the exit in case you are not able to have a visual on the exits, such as the lights going out and/or an underwater evacuation. Typically, it is a good idea to try and get a seat within 5 seats of one of the exits. Many of us ignore the safety card and safety instructions given at the beginning of the flight, but each plane is different and the safety instructions and safety card are there to protect you and keep you safe, listening and reading those safety instructions may be the crucial moments that can save your life in a plane crash.

Wear safe clothing

Wear clothing that covers your skin, such as jeans and a long sleeve shirt preferably made of a cotton material would be better protection of the skin in a fire as compared to nylon or polyester. Also, be sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes on that cover the feet, the plane ride is not the time to wear sandals or high heels. If a plane crash were to happen, you want to be able to get out of the plane quickly and have your entire body protected.

Practice latching and unlatching the seat belt

Each seat belt on a plane is different and in a time of crisis, such as a plane crash, it is so important to know how to latch and unlatch the seat belt quickly and efficiently. Surviving a plane crash is dependent on speed of removing oneself from the situation, so getting that seat belt on or off fast is imperative.

Leave your personal items

Do not attempt to grab your personal items no matter how important you feel they are. As we know, life is most important and getting out of and away from the plane crash is what can be key to survival. Never try to remove personal items, be most concerned about your life and getting off the airplane as quickly as possible.

Brace yourself in a safe manner

Your head and chest should rest on your upper thighs, face down and place the hands on the ankles. Do not cover the head or body with pillows or blankets as these can fall into the aisle upon impact and make it more difficult to exit the plane.

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