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Survival of capitalism is at stake

Capitalism can only survive with honest, non-invasive practices. Those who seek selfish gain will only kill any good in the market. My father was in sales and prided himself on honesty. When others were known for selling what gave them the greatest commission regardless of the customer's needs, my father sold what the customer needed regardless of what commission it gave him. As a result, he had a business for life when others lost customers due to mistrust.

For a free market to remain, without the reams of regulations that are currently killing it, we need to return to an honest market. A dying animal will often thrash about trying to take its last breaths. Our market is doing the same, with market players making a lot of noise, encroaching upon our every resting moment with constant unwanted interruptions.

The reason is that we have oversold greed instead of love of neighbor, lust instead of love of family and materialism instead of moral integrity. We have become a nation that puts material success ahead of doing what is right. When a national credit rating agency has to be taken to court time after time for deceptive advertising and it still has not stopped, something is very wrong if we think this kind of chicanery encourages a free market to continue. When a presidential candidate brags about having made millions while destroying people’s jobs, we ought to be ashamed for allowing him to have gotten past the first ballot.

We ought to be ashamed that our advertising is filled with lies and deception. Soft drinks are not soft, a hot dog is not a meal fit for a dog and mac and cheese is disgusting slop with low-grade yellow substance that no foreigner would dignify with the name cheese. We eat starchy, white garbage that we insult by calling it bread.

We will never achieve perfection in this life, but when so many are trying to achieve the opposite, what hope do we have. It all gets back to national repentance and the desire to do right by our neighbors. American needs for participants in the market to put God and love of neighbor first. Only then can American capitalism be guaranteed a good future.

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