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Survival 101 for empaths: Spiritual practice, Self-trust, Spiritual strength

Survival 101 for empaths
Survival 101 for empaths
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Each of us has a "soft spot,” the place in our experience where we feel vulnerable and tender. This soft spot is inherent in appreciation and love, and it is equally inherent in pain. Often, when we feel that soft spot, it's quickly followed by a feeling of fear and an involuntary, habitual tendency to close down. This is the tendency of all living things: to avoid pain and cling to pleasure. In practice, however, covering up the soft spot means shutting down against our life experience. Then we tend to narrow down into a solid feeling of self against other.

One very powerful and effective way to work with this tendency to push away pain and hold onto pleasure is the practice of tonglen. Tonglen is a Tibetan word that literally means "sending and taking." The practice originated in India and came to Tibet in the eleventh century. In tonglen practice, when we see or feel suffering, we breathe in with the notion of completely feeling it, accepting it, and owning it. Then we breathe out, radiating compassion, lovingkindness, freshness; anything that encourages relaxation and openness.” Pema Chodren

Tonglen practice is powerfully transformative – this is especially true for empaths during this ever so transformative time on the planet.

This practice is generally "received" (received as in laden in creation, and thus perceived) by those who can feel others as themselves. Whether we know this practice as, "Tonglen" or not, this truth reveals itself to us as we move forward in the conscious and direct experience of our Oneness.

One must be very grounded, or ready and willing to become more grounded in this earthly world in order to serve humanity in these ways. Are you ready?

As you take up this practice and continue in your onward and upward flow:

Discernment is very important. You know what it is that you are learning about in the now, and it is imperative that you listen to yourSelf. When you Know YourSelf, you are aware of what your current expression of Self entails, and also what it takes to ground this light into form.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by energies on the planet that are not in alignment with your particular vibration of expression in the now. Accept YourSelf. Know your soft spots, for within them are your greatest teachers. This truth, your inner knowing, purely dictates the path that you are walking in this world. Listen to this still small voice that is within, learn to more fully utilize it as your guide in every decision that you make. Such action allows to you remain in your God center, Come What May.

"Be still and know that I am God." Meditate upon this mantra every day. Whether you are sitting alone in nature or you are out grocery shopping, learn to attune to this energy and take it with you throughout your days. Belief is one thing. Actively teaching yourself this truth as you walk through the experiences of this world is quite another. Teach yourSelf this truth, feel it, expand into the vibration that emanates from these words.

Do you want to “be,” or merely believe?

Until you are consistently abiding in this state of awareness, where God is experienced as All, discernment is necessity, for duality is still your governing "reality." In other words, your Soul may "get" that there are many vibrations of reality that exist beyond the dualistic perception of "reality," for this is truth. However, what is happening is that your mind and body are not quite in full alignment with the knowing of your soul.

There are different rules, so to speak, in each vibration of experiencing. What works in one vibration does not always work for us in another, the lessons are forever shifting, and this is what propels us forward in our expansion. So when you find yourself in a space and you are saying to yourSelf, "What am I not doing? I have been doing this and that (insert your personal list here), and it used to work, but it is not working out any longer." Take note, for this is a good indicator that you have experienced a shift in vibration. Congratulate yourSelf, for you have moved beyond a growth edge and are about to learn so much more about yourSelf and this beautiful world that we live in. Take this opportunity to open your mind to making different choices. Free yourSelf up, and choose things that are in alignment with what you seek to learn and embody in yourSelf and in your life. Your mind and body are moving forth to align more fully with the knowing of your Soul, that is all, hence the earthly lessons. You are not stuck, you are simply experiencing a deep internal realization of a shift in your energy, and your way of walking in this world. Utilize it by listening to yourSelf!

Many of us move into an out of this "state of awareness." However, as we expand we abide ever more in this truth, "God Is All." We come to a space as within where we exist in God most of the time, and then there are those times when it can feel like we get "thrown out of God." We experience this feeling when we have stepped out of our flow. All that is happening in these moments is that we have stepped out of alignment with God's highest plan for us. As Within, So Without. This feeling is an indicator and messenger from Self to step back into alignment, and to make a different choice and see how it feels.

Empaths of our time are directly learning about our Oneness. As such, it is imperative to clear any energetic likes and dislikes that we may have to certain energies and experiences in this world. Again, empaths are living in the direct experience of our Oneness. This is not a walk in the park, to say the very least. In fact, many people are experiencing this, however they have not yet found a framework that actively reflects what they are in-deed experiencing. Living it, experiencing our Oneness in actuality, brings an entirely different set of lessons to the fore. Belief is beautiful in that it can lead to actualization. Teaching ourSelves these truths while we are in this world is actually a very practical way of walking through this world for, We Are One.

Discernment is the golden thread that guides your way along your individual path in this world, and it leads you to your fullest expression of God as an individual spark of the Divine in creation.

We are all learning and we must take into account where we are, as individuals, in this process of embodying love in action. To understand that We Are Love, beyond mere intellectual grasping, we must practice love. It is in this way that the mind and body can learn to walk in alignment with the knowing of the soul as a spark of the Divine in form. What this is about is consciously walking forward in love, in the knowing that this “love” will reveal itself in many forms as each moment moves into the next. There will be those times, when – to our minds, the actions that we are called to take, do not appear loving. God sees, and there is a greater order than our little minds could ever fathom. This is why "Know Thyself" is so very important, first and foremost, followed by, "To Thine Own Self Be True." When God is guide, the implicate order is revealed in each moment that we choose to trust.

Trust implicitly in your own knowing for it is your greatest teacher.

We ("We" as in, the soul and Spirit of humanity As One) need you to stand in your center in order to bring this light more fully into form. Stand firmly in the light of your knowing. You are a bridge of light through which the Divine is moving into form. Expand, that you may hold ever more light and ground it into form as an expression and reflection of Self, of the Divine. Your creations are reflections of you, they allow you to express “Who You Are,” in form. Look at your creations and cherish them, for they reflect what you have learned and are learning as a child of God, they reflect your gift to God and to this world. You, simply being As You Are, serve in birthing this light/knowing ever more deeply into the experiences and world of humanity As One. What do you seek to express or create next? Be the light.

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