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Survey Shows Women Want More Flexibility At Work

Mom Corps has recently released survey findings that will come as no surprise to any of us. Its survey found that women are willing to take a pay cut in exchange for flexibility.

Mom Corps (, is a national flexible staffing firm that finds and posts flexible jobs. There is no charge to sign up, post your resume and look for jobs. Mom Corps makes money from the employer if they place you.

Mom Corps surveyed 1,071 working adults nationwide about their preferences around workplace flexibility and work/life balance. Results show that flexible work options are significantly important to working professionals today as a deciding factor when taking a job, with some even willing to give up salary to get it. The findings offer insight on gender and age differences as a means to surface ideas and dialogue around current workplace trends.

The Mom Corps survey results show that:

  • More than two in five working adults (42 percent) are willing to give up some percentage of their salary for more flexibility at work; about six percent is the average employees are willing to relinquish.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, working men (12 percent) are twice as likely as working women (6 percent) to say they would be willing to give up more than 10 percent of their salary to receive more flexibility at work.
  • The 18-34 age group is up to three times more likely to give up more than 10 percent of their salary (15 percent among 18-34-year-old workers vs. 5 percent among working adults ages 35+), even though the unemployment rate for young workers is at its worst since 1948 and the highest among all age groups, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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