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Survey shows where we play games on our smartphones

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Survey says...

Those are famous words from a popular television game show, but we are going to take a look at a survey that shows where adults in New Jersey have played games on their smartphones.

The survey was conducted by Betfair Casino, a brand new and legal online casino in New Jersey, and they found out some interesting things.

I know I've played games on my smartphone and tablet just about everywhere, but I'm not sure if I would admit it in a survey. These adults did for Betfair.

The survey searched out those aged 21-58, and here is what they found after they answered the question, “Select all the places you have played a game on your mobile device”.

The results, per Betfair:

42% On the toilet
39% In bed with your partner
3% In the shower / bathtub
41% During your commute
47% At work
31% At the dinner table
13% At the gym
5% At church / temple / place of worship

A quick analysis of the results show that we don't seem to discriminate when it comes to where we want to play Angry Birds, Words With Friends, or even Tiger Woods Golf.

Where do you play your favorite apps and games?

Also if you are in New Jersey, make sure you check out