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Survey says most people will steer clear of driverless cars

Driverless cars will be here sooner than you think, as a matter of fact, there are some estimates that these vehicles will be ready for the market in five years! But are folks ready for these autonomous road wonders? Well a study commissioned by Seapine Software, just revealed that a whopping 88 percent of U.S. adults worry about relinquishing control to a driverless car.

Driverless cars will be here sooner than you think!

The survey involved some 2,039 adults. Seventy-nine percent of those surveyed admitted they’d fret over possible equipment failure in a driverless car. Other nagging worries about being chauffeured in a driverless car involved liability issues, 59 percent of folks were distraught over who would be responsible if the vehicle is involved in an accident. Another 52 percent feared that a hacker could breach the driverless car’s system and gain control of the vehicle. More than one-third (37 percent) of the participants exhibited their paranoid side, and wondered, if whether auto companies, insurers, advertisers and municipalities may collect personal data such as where the car goes and how fast it’s traveling.

Interestingly enough, only 12 percent said they did not have any reservations about riding in a driverless car.

Ready or not, since autonomous cars are practically here, automakers will have to somehow iron out the technical glitches enough, so that consumers can feel comfortable to even venture out in one.

Anywho, check out the video on a Google self-driving car. The company unveiled its autonomous navigation technology effort in 2010.

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