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Survey says driving a pricey exotic won't impress the ladies

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It has been perceived that many women will lust after a man no matter how bald, old, fat or abrasive, if he is behind the wheel of a pricey exotic ride like a Lambo or Ferrari. A new Harris Poll and AnatasiaDate, a dating site, together have conducted a survey and put a pin in the longstanding belief that a man is suddenly transformed into eye candy when he's driving a hot car. Au contraire, according to the pollsters, the connection between attraction, date-ability and choice of car is a perception that is more fallacy than fact.

The preconceived hot cars, equal sex appeal notion has been pooh-poohed by the survey that states instead, a majority of women connect exotic vehicles with undesirable personality traits. Fifty-six percent of women surveyed deem male exotic car owners as being "show-offs" or "arrogant," while another 17 percent perceive these types of men as "insecure."

Fifty-percent of those surveyed stated a guy's car reflects his economic status. Forty-six percent of the ladies believe that a pricey car buy reflects a man's image of himself. Eleven percent feel that an expensive vehicle reflects a man's feelings about having a family. Shallow women were represented in the survey as well, as one-fifth of them found a man more attractive after peeping what he drives.

Interestingly enough, 37 percent of women feel that a man who plops down money on an expensive ride is "compensating for a lack of something." Now, as to what that missing "something" is, was not revealed in the teeny weeniest bit.

--Car Chick