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Survey question: pet friendly work places in Nashville


Max on his 7th birthday, June 12, 2009

Attention readers!  I'm gathering info for one or more articles on pet-friendly places to work in Nashville, and I need your input.  If you have a job where you can bring your dog to work on a day to day basis--or you know of someone who does--let me know. 

Depending on the type of information I end up with through both reader participation and my own research, I may publish a directory of pet-friendly work places here.  Otherwise, it will be another article with some angle on people's experiences with bringing dogs to work here in Nashville.

Leave a comment at bottom, or email me at 


  • Saundra Robinson 5 years ago

    I work at a pet-friendly, at least dog-friendly company. However, I am not sure how much of this is because the owner's dog has sired serveral of the staff's dog, or at least they are all related. The company's name is Therapeutic Interventions Inc.
    Thank you for the survey.