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Survey of Rodin’s Hand is New Exhibition at Cantor Center

The hands of one of the most famous artists of the 19th century, is surveyed in a new exhibition at the Cantor Center for the Arts at Stanford University.

Titled Inside Rodin’s Hands: Art, Technology, and Survey, this exhibition is a collaboration of four diverse groups at Stanford. It consist of the Division of Clinical Anatomy, the Lane Medical Library, the Cantor Arts Center, and Dr. James Chang and his students. It merges art with science, as it features the hand sculptures of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), while expressing the studying of the hands and its anatomy, going inside the perceived medical conditions (such as arthritis) aided by advanced technology. Also included are three-dimensional scans of the sculptures, along with CT scans of patients’ bones, nerve and blood vessels, creating an “augmented reality”, which reveals pathologies beneath the bronze sculpture, and allows students to perform virtual surgery.

A few samples can be seen at the Cantor Center website at Along with the hand sculptures from Rodin (including 1886’s Left-Hand of Eustache de Saint-Pierre), there are also samples of computer images, showing various anatomies.

Inside Rodin’s Hands is on view until August 3rd. The 200 sculptures of Auguste Rodin can also be viewed at the Cantor Center, including the Sculpture Garden, which is open all hours and features his most famous and ambitious work Gates of Hell.

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