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Premium 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Subwoofer $246.56
Premium 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Subwoofer $246.56
Kenneth Fish

Last month, you were introduced to the Monoprice Premium 5.1-Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer (#10565). This month, you get to find out what the installation process was like, and how well the system has performed thus far. Lets take a look, shall we?

Initially, hooking up a surround sound system, especially a 5.1-channel surround sound system, seems a bit daunting. Firstly, a decision must be made as to what gauge wire is needed to ensure the best sound quality for the size of the room you are trying to bring sound to. Luckily, this is covered in the owner’s manual of the 10565 which not only comes with the system, but is also available online so this decision can be made at the same time as the purchase of sound system. Depending on the size of the room, dozens, or more, linear feet of speaker wire is required (not provided). Do yourself a favor, buy your speaker wire by the roll (you’d be silly not to buy it from Monoprice since they have the best prices on this sort of thing). I bought 100 feet of 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire from Monoprice for the low, low price of $25.96 (plus 6 bucks for overnight shipping). A comparable roll of speaker wire from anywhere else will run at least $34 plus shipping. To buy a comparable roll of speaker wire from Radio Shack would cost four times as much.

Once ready to commit to the setup of the surround sound system, you’ll need a wire cutter/stripper, enough pin clips (optional, but optimal) to make all of the connections, and a tape measure to figure out how much wire will be needed between the receiver and the speakers. After the mise en place is done, installation is actually quite easy. In under an hour, I had all the speaker wire measured, cut to suit with the ends stripped, and installed into the receiver and speakers. To be perfectly honest, the only way to really screw this sort of installation up is by not paying attention to polarity of the connections. Once it is verified that all connections have been made correctly, it is time to turn the receiver on.

The sound quality of the 10565 is so much better than what was expected. In fact, thanks in part to the fully adjustable (low-pass filter, phase & volume) powered subwoofer, this surround sound system, dare I state for the record, is almost as good as my trusty Bose Accoustimass which costs a tad bit more than the 10565 (4X the price, actually). The Premium 5.1-Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer by Monoprice is the bargain of the century regarding power (100 watts for satellite and center speakers, 200 watts for the subwoofer) and price (under $250). If you have the room, and a proper 5.1 surround sound receiver or amplifier, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better sounding speaker system for the money.

For more information about the 10565 or any of the fine products from Monoprice, click here.

**Full disclosure: This speaker system was provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be silly.

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