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Surrogate storytelling

Being that the majority of the time I spend behind this keyboard is done so to create books, time is never so prevalent within my world. It is a luxury to be sure. But when you have four books in progress, well, it can divide your thought process and creativity.

I will never complain about work. The more the better. Within my sphere my work has allowed me to meet many luminaries of rock and roll whom I never would have even thought I'd have the chance to meet let alone befriend. The nature of writing with people is that you are asked to immerse yourself within their life. Not just their story but their entire being. I have to become Tommy Roe. I have to become Jim McCarty. I have to become Jim Yester. I have to spend time focused on what made them part of the rock and roll world and do what I can to adapt to their personality to bring out their essence within the story. It's not enough to simply write words. That isn't what anyone wants to read. What you the fans want to read is that which comes from their heart and it's more than just providing an interesting story.

I guess in a way, there is no possibility of explaining how this all is done. I do know as I've spent time with my friends working on their stories I do learn more and more about life itself. So much of each is a part of the music they make. Musicians are artists who paint on a canvas of sound. No matter what instrument they use, the colors are as vivid as any used by Picasso. Why is a word in a song "A" rather than "The"? Simple things like that illustrate a thought process.

I know this probably isn't the most interesting article you will read on the net, but you see, it's all in how you interpret interesting. Why is it no one artist has ever been able to sell a recording to every individual in the entire world? Because everyone has different priorities and interests. Even Elvis and the Beatles failed to sell records to at least 90% of the world's population. Imagine that. How do I know? Well the world's population at the time of Elvis' death was about 3.5 billion I think. To sell to 10% of that he would have had to sell 350,000,000 records. No single record ever sold that many copies. Yes, artists have sold that many in total. But not one single recording.

So you see, even though there are songs and recordings that have captured the fancy and imagination of countless millions, really the numbers are not so grand when taken into context.

What does any of this have to do with me? Nothing and yet everything. The creation of art whether it be story, song or picture is done so for only one reason… The fans. The fans make the difference. Without you, there would be no point to any creativity or imagination. And so my work on behalf of and as surrogate to these wonderful artists is something that I take seriously and do with love.

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