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Surrogate Downs baby: Thai surrogate mother upset baby was abandoned

A Thai surrogate mother is very upset that the parents have now abandoned their baby due to it having Down syndrome. On Monday, ABC News shared about what is going on with these parents. The Australian biological parents have just left this baby behind due to it not being what they expected.

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Pattaramon Chanbua is taking care of Gammy. This child is now seven-months-old and besides having Down syndrome also has a congenital heart condition. The real parents went as far as to take Gammy's twin home with them because it is totally healthy but left this baby behind.

The surrogate Pattaramon spoke out and said, "I've never felt angry at them or hated them. I'm always willing to forgive them. I want to see that they love the baby girl as much as my family loves Gammy. I want her to be well taken care of." She was hired by an agency for surrogacy and was told she would be paid 300,000 baht ($9,300). At this time, she has not been fully paid either.

She was already seven months pregnant when they told her the baby had Down syndrome and that she should actually abort the child. They had known since earlier in her pregnancy but didn't tell her the news right away. The father has spoken out and said that he didn't even know his daughter had a twin brother and is denying abandoning his child.

In Australia, it is illegal to pay someone to be a surrogate. You can have a volunteer, but not pay someone. Maybe this is why they are denying that they were supposed to pay someone. The Australian government is considering stepping in on this case of the baby who was abandoned.

Reuters shared that the woman carrying the babies refused to abort at seven months. She is Buddhist and refused to abort the baby because of religious reasons. She was also upset that they knew for so long something was wrong but did not come to her sooner.

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