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Surrendered to NY high kill shelter by owner because 'he's old'

Nearly 13 years of living with one family, Kane's gentlemanly conduct brings tears to the eyes of volunteers as he softly cries out of loneliness and a need for reassurance. This dog should be spending his golden years in the comfort of his home; asleep on a comfortable mat, walked to the park on a sunny day, and tenderly scratched behind the ears as he enjoys the company of his family.

Kane acts and looks much younger than his 13 years. What's the matter with his owners to have surrendered him after all of these years to a high kill shelter?
Urgent NY Dogs

Instead, he sits respectfully, but very scared, in an anonymous cage at Manhattan's center for New York City Animal Care and Control. His surrender forms indicate his only family now has allergies, has no time to care for him, and Kane is "old."

A volunteer writes:

"At 13, Kane is still quite a catch and his one blue eye, hallmarking his already well kept body, makes him a very attractive dog. Kane is clad in a snow white perfectly groomed coat. He wears a few calluses, but his teeth are the one of a much younger dog. Good genes, good care made him what he is now; an elderly dog with a brain, a nice figure and a pleasant pet to spend time with."

Kane is listed to be euthanized on June 25; still volunteers continue their search to find this dog a future.

"Kane has a lot of fire in his eyes, and his smile is contagious. He walks very nicely and peacefully on the leash, eliminates on the way and sits on command. He comes right away when I call him, wagging gently his tail and wiggling slowly his body. He does not seem to mind other dogs sniffing our pen. What a nice gentleman! He takes my treats very politely from my hand and likes to be caressed and talked to. I am sure he was loved... I like spending time with Kane. He is calm, loving, well mannered and a beautiful sight."

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