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Surrendered dog grieves for his owner who will never come back

Jaggy just sits and waits for his owner to come back.
Angels Among Us Rescue

Seven years old and surrendered to a rural Georgia animal shelter, a dog named Jaggy sits by the window day after day just waiting for his owner to return. He's only known one home; why is he here and where is his human?

A volunteer from Angels Among Us Rescue writes:

"Tears run down my face as I watch this poor dog shake and watch for his owner to come back. It is truly gut-wrenching and reminds me of why I am in rescue...We do not know the circumstances that led to his surrender, but what we do know is that he has emotionally shut down. He is so frightened that he won't even make eye contact with the volunteers who speak so softly and reach out a gentle hand to pet him. He is confused and doesn't know where he is or why he has been separated from the human that he loved so dearly. Dogs do mourn, and this dog is very clearly grieving the loss of an owner who is never coming back for him."

Follow Jaggy's Facebook thread as humane advocates and dog lovers pledge donations for the dog's rescue.

There have already been 1,444 "shares" for Jaggy. Angels Among Us Rescue have volunteered to help this dog, and are raising the funds for veterinarian care and foster expenses. Please share his story with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Looking to make a difference in this world for those who cannot speak? Please consider adopting your next four-legged friend, and be a responsible pet parent. Companion animals are not disposable; just look at the emotional pain Jaggy is experiencing.

TO DONATE: and note "Jaggy" on the purpose line.


In May, an extremely sweet pit bull mix named Jacqueline was surrendered by her family. No one had offered to adopt her even as she pushed her face through the bars of her San Bernardino City Animal Care and Control kennel enclosure as far as she could; that is until one day her real family came back. It seems Jacqueline had been lost; her real name was Molly and she had been missing for a year since the death of her owner. Now Molly has been reunited and loved once again.

Sharing saves lives; please share Jaggy's story and help her find a home where she is treasured and loved.

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