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Surrendered by owner to high kill shelter in San Bernardino: Sam was expendable

UPDATE: Sam has been rescued. On Tuesday, Sam was so excited to leave the shelter, she scratched on the side of the car door to get in quicker. Many thanks to The Rescued Dog organization from San Diego for saving this dog.

With her tail between her legs in desperation and utter confusion, Sam was surrendered by her owner today. Please help to find this "perfect" dog a new home where her life is valued.

Please help to support this fine organization by clicking here. Many thanks to everyone for sharing Sam's story. This beautiful dog is on her way to her foster home.

Sam thought she was just going for a ride in the car Saturday morning with her human. Sam is such a sweet dog; she is very friendly, gets along with cats and other dogs, and is perfectly house trained. Sadly, that just wasn't enough.

How do you give up a part of your family?

That's what a devastated and petrified dog wants to know, but of course, there's no way to explain that her human was in the middle of a divorce and forced to move to another home to accommodate his children; a home that doesn't allow pets.

"But couldn't you keep looking and find a home where I could still be part of the family? I don't understand why I'm not important to you anymore. You know, they kill dogs here if they don't get adopted right away. I don't want to die," Sam tried to tell her human who just didn't want to listen.

And Sam has been surrendered. She is now sitting alone in a kennel; her identification is A465753. Please call (909)-384-1304. The shelter is closed every Sunday and Monday.

Watch her videos as she tries to figure out why she is at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. Can you sense her desperation as she arrives?

The following videos show how gentle Sam is. Please share her story with your friends, family, and coworkers.

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