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Surrender brings the greatest gift of all

Surrender fully

Recently I have been pondering the power of surrender. I have been contemplating this word and what it really means. There are many definitions and most have negative connotations. In our society this word has often been misunderstood. Yes, one might say the bad guys surrendered to the good guys, or in a war one side surrenders to the other. Our images usually are one of being weak or defeated when we have to surrender.

The dictionary defines surrender as: 1) to yield (something) to the possession or power of another; deliver up possession of on demand or under duress: to surrender the fort to the enemy; to surrender the stolen goods to the police. 2) to give (oneself) up to some influence, course, emotion, etc.: He surrendered himself to a life of hardship. 3) to give up, abandon, or relinquish (comfort, hope, etc. 4) to yield or resign (an office, privilege, etc.) in favor of another 5) to give oneself up, as into the power of another; submit or yield. It seems that this word used in these ways conjures up a less than positive experience.

But what if surrendering meant that you relaxed and gave up “the good fight” of trying to make it all happen, and you let go and surrendered into something that was greater than yourself, something that was unfathomable, all encompassing, love. Something that Quantum Physics now calls the Unified Field, that each of us is intricately a part of and yet we often feel separate from.

I know this may be different from my usual article regarding sacred sexuality, but remember Tantra is not just about sex. It is truly much more than that. And yes living from a true tantric perspective gives us an opportunity to live fully present, fully meeting life, delving into the mystery and surrendering oneself to what truly is the fabric of life. Then the word surrender takes on a new meaning and becomes something that can actually free you from who you think you are.

Surrendering to your own SELF, that which is a part of the whole of life, that which is not separate from the Unified Field, that which trusts the mystery of life that is forever unfolding moment to moment. It is by surrendering into this unknown place that is you in your most expanded state of being, you as your most magnificent self, that you are in actuality, allowing the gap between who you really are and who you think you are to close. Sounds pretty esoteric but put simply you are not who you think you are, you are much more than just your body, mind and your emotions.

By surrendering into my own magnificent Self, I am able to just relax into life rather than striving and trying so hard to live life according to what my ego-mind tells me I have to do. I put down the sword of struggling and let go of the good fight, the struggle to become someone, achieve something, have a career I love or make anything happen. This new way of being is one where I get to allow more of life to support me easily without effort. The more I surrender to who I really am, the more my life reflects this and miraculous things just seem to happen. The more I just allow myself to be, to show up, since in Truth I can't ever not be my SELF, the more I will become aligned with what the natural thing is for me to do and life as myself and all that is fall into a state of grace. I am not longer separate from life since I recognize that I Am Life. Then surrender brings the greatest blessing.

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